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I’ve managed to drag myself out of my sickbed today to present this project that our very own Susan Cornelis and I collaborated on just over a year ago. I showcase it here, now, because there are plans afoot to create a new one – I know it’s true, she sent me a picture of the cameraman!

The video stars Susan, and I had the very great pleasure to write the music to accompany it. In another thread, I spoke about the Celtic “tricks” people use in this kind of genre – and I dug into a whole bag of them!  I love the collaborations here in Cafe Crem…Shelley – yours will be up next!

Kev Moore


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  1. Such a great work you both did here! I feel very emotional to see it and listen to it again… Susan is a great artist and a great person and we are both very proud to have her as a friend. I hope there will many works in common between all of us. The series “Fantascapes” was a collaboration work between Susan and me, Danu too joined too later on.
    And this is why I love Cafe Crem so much. How we all communicate and interact and support and motivate each other.

    Can’t wait now to see your next video, Susan and Kevin! I think we will have to make Susan personally appear here to launch it!!! Unfortunately she is generally very busy, being not only an artist but also an art teacher… her workshops seem to be very popular!

    Comment by Miki | January 22, 2009

  2. Absouletly a first here.
    I appreciated seeing the way the work of art was put together.
    I think people like to see the process or the stages of a creative work. That’s because people are always stopping to look at my journal when I am writing in a cafe.
    Curiosity is now at an all time high because we are living another culture of creativity much like the one that followed the stock market crash of the Great Depression. There are literally thousands of people out of Wall Street jobs in the USA who are falling back or bringing forth into the now what was once their hobbies. Manuscripts sent to publishers are at an all time high. All this was reported in the New York times newspaper.
    As for collaboration I think it is fun to see happen when there is a serendipitous encounter with another or an serendipitous exchange of information that creates the creative Ahh! moment.

    Comment by Michael | January 23, 2009

  3. Michael, I really csn imagine how people look at your journal when you are writing in a Cafe.I can’t hardly be outside sketching without loads of people standing behind my back and asking 100 questions!

    It is so true that people love to follow the creation process, in fact much more than to see the final product.
    I wonder why, I mean which deep and basic truth is THIS telling about us human? It surely says that we are all starving for creativity. And beyond that, more abstractly, for “things to happen”. In a creative process things happen quite fast and beautifully, time seems to have another speed.
    And then of course there is this basic curiosity which inhabits us all, this need to know “what and how and when and why and where …”

    I totally believe what you say about the amount of creative works nowadays. The internet allows us to see it in a very impressing way. Just look at the stats from WordPress, and this is only one blog platform in the world… It is amazing that one still gets some visitors in our blogs!
    But this had started long before the crisis. Through my profession (as an art teacher too before) I could see how many people have started with art, in fact almost everybody! This has to do with the need to express oneself, and with the cult of the own personality. these are very difficult times for all of us, because nowadays everybody who writes a blog calls himself a writer, and anybody who put some colour on a paper calls himself a painter. And thanks to sites like Flickr, everybody is a photographer too. I certainly think that all this is good for the world, the problem is just that for example, when I am am asked by somebody what is my profession, I can hardly say any more:
    I am a painter!
    It is not taken seriously. And if I say it, I am at once assaulted by a list of this somebody’s family members and friends who are also painters!
    Strange is that I never meet one sketching and painting outside there… 🙂

    Comment by Miki | January 23, 2009

  4. […] is Sarah’s painting she did after watching Susan Cornelis video on her technique.  Sarah immediately went to work on it and I did take some photo’s of […]

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