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Art, Music and Words around The Coffee Table » 24 Modern Mugs and Creative Mug Designs

I used to upload photos of coffee cups here.  Remembere Toi & Moi on a rock by the Riviere Simon?  Or the eye few shots of my moleskine journal with a coffee mug in the photo?

I was reading popurls® ( popurls® is the mother of aggregators, a single page that encapsulates up-to-the-minute headlines from the most popular sites on the internet | by thomas marban) and found a coffee mug story going around the net.

Enjoy and I will be uploading my photographs and philosophical sketches soon as I load them of my back up disk (but I want to write a kind » 24 Modern Mugs and Creative Mug Designs.


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  1. Had a LOT of fun scrolling through those wonderfully innovative designs, Michael! interestingly, the simplest were the best – you know, the ones that hit you with a “I wish I’d thought of that!” sort of feeling

    Comment by kevmoore | January 21, 2009

  2. Hi Michael, so pleased to see you here!
    I perfectly remember the wonderful shots of your mugs and journal. It was by the way after having seen one of these on your blog that I invited you to come to Cafe Crem, what you did at once. This was a great moment!
    I just looked at the mug cup designs, some are really quite cool! In the next months we hope to get a new place for the kitchen (complicated story…) but we already decided to have plenty of room there for coffee cups. I still love them as much as the day I created Cafe Crem… and I am still dreaming of a Cafe Crem mug design…we will do that one day and each Cafe Cremer should get one then as a gift from us!
    This morning, Michael, I already put some of your philosophical sketches together in Cafe l’Arte, was nice to browse through them again…

    Comment by Miki | January 21, 2009

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