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The Swordsmith

I’m angry.

More than that, I’m mad.

But the red cools fast

And I plunge the hot metal into water

Watch the steam rise

I look.

Needs more work

Back to the fire,

Pump the bellows

Watch the metal glow white hot

Lay it on the anvil

Beat the ringing steel

Till the forge sings

Again and again,

Folding hot metal

Beating it flat,

Shaping it.

Finally, the steam clears

And the sparks begin

Hold the metal to the grind stone

Hone it till the edge holds.

Fit the handle

Bind with damp rawhide

Heft the finished sword

Watch the light gleam

On newly minted death

I don’t get mad

I get even.


January 21, 2009 - Posted by | death, life, literature, personal, psychology, Viv's Poetry, women, writing | , ,


  1. I just asked Kevin what “get even” means and I had him at once screaming a song (from Aerosmith he says, fits well to the title of your poem!)

    “I don’t get mad
    I get even”

    and he even played it for me in Youtube!

    As always, I love tour poem … it is really really … RED!

    Comment by Miki | January 21, 2009

  2. Great poem again Viv. I guess this what you’d call ‘tempered” steel.

    Comment by kevmoore | January 21, 2009

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