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B.S. Wattenbuttel


I dabbled a little in nonsense verse when writing the song Strawberry House, (which may appear somewhere, sometime)  and decided to take it a little further with this little offering about a strange man:

B.S. Wattenbuttel

B.S.Wattenbuttel lived in a room
That he kept very clean with an imaginary broom
He would sweep all the dust and the cobwebs away
With a wave of his hand, but just the same, they would stay
And the days turned to months and the months turned to years
And B.S.Wattenbuttel was up to his ears
In the dust and the cobwebs he thought he’d removed
He feared he might die, and so it was proved
There was no fuss or inquest when he was found dead
For B.S.Wattenbuttel never got out of bed.

© Kev Moore 2007  text and artwork – all rights reserved

The name of the character came, believe it or not, from a German roadsign!


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  1. Lovely Kev.
    But it made me sad because it made me think of Syd Barrett, who often couldn’t get out of bed because to do so was to eliminate all the other possiblities getting out of bed and starting something would end. My brother used to see him around Cambridge very occasionally in the yars before his death (Barrett’s: my brother is still firmly with us)

    Comment by viv66 | January 20, 2009

  2. The road sign thing made me think of a story one of our visiting French student leaders told me about her first trip to Germany. She didn’t speak very good German and she was afraid of getting lost, so she wrote down on a bit of paper the name of the place she was dropped at so she could show a passer by and find her way back. The ineviatble occurred, she got lost and asked a man walking past to direct her. He asked, “yes, but which one?” She didn’t understand and eventually she found her way back, and asked a friend why the man hadn’t helped and others had just laughed. Turns out what she had written was Einbahnstrasse- One way street!

    Comment by viv66 | January 20, 2009

  3. Great Kevin, text and drawing!

    Comment by Miki | January 20, 2009

  4. This is how I like to clean my house — in my head! But the kids make me get out of bed, every day. This is a very entertaining rhyme, Kev! Your title Strawberry House sounds very yummy. I will keep an eye out for that.

    Comment by shelleymhouse | January 20, 2009

  5. Highly original and laugh out loud kind of piece.

    Comment by Michael | January 21, 2009

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