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Aliens damage wind turbine?

I found the following news report rather amusing and at first I wondered if our massive turbine here in Lowestoft (amusingly named Gulliver when it was first put up) had been affected; but if that was so, it wouldn’t  be noticed for weeks and by then the blade would have been nicked for scrap.

I was a massive X-files fan and never missed an episode…cue the theme music…


A UFO has apparently torn a 60ft blade off a wind turbine after residents noticed “strange lights” in the sky.

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Aliens damage wind turbine?

Some residents believe the damage to the 290ft-turbine at Conisholme in Lincolnshire could have been caused by a UFO.

A motorist at the scene also described seeing a UFO fly towards the structure.

A spokeswoman for the wind turbine company, Ecotricity, said: “We’re conducting a thorough investigation into what happened. This kind of thing has never happened to us before.”

The missing blade was found on the ground beneath the turbine, but the spokeswoman could not speculate on the cause of the damage.

She added: “An engineer has been on the site since it happened, early on Sunday morning, and is carrying out a sort of forensic investigation.”


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  1. This confirms what I have suspected for some years now. Everyone is bored to death in Lincolnshire!

    Comment by kevmoore | January 16, 2009

  2. I agree.
    It is the most boring county in England, IMHO. WE have to drive though most of it to get to the North east and civilization again.
    I think it is the cabbage growing capital of the world too…

    Comment by viv66 | January 16, 2009

  3. I feel sorry for the engineer. He seems to me the one who has got to make some sense out of this. Since he has the degree I presume everyone is waiting for his report. Poor fellow. hahah

    Comment by Michael | January 16, 2009

  4. Not to worry, Michael, this is England. We regularly believe seven impossible things before breakfast…it’s a good warm up to the Full benefit fry-up.
    I recently discovered that as well as having the highest wind turbine in the UK(on shore) Lowestoft, where I live, had been promised a giant statue down at Ness Point(the most easterly point in Great Britain) much in the same vein as the Angel of the North, near Newcastle. Allegedly plans were afoot to erect a massive metal statue of a ……herring! I’m not sure whether I am disappointed or not that this has failed to materialise. Anyway, it’s surely going to draw more aliens here, isn’t it, and we do need more tourists…

    Comment by viv66 | January 16, 2009

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