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Ugly Mug


Finally I have managed to get something coffee related into cafe crem! The mug in the picture was my star creation at age 13/14 after a few weeks doing pottery at my secondary school. The teacher told various other members of staff about it that it was the best she’d seen any pupil produce, and this little dewdrop filtered back to me in the time honoured tradition. The photo alas is not so good but I am still getting the hang of the new camera even though I stil have no software; this was uploaded by the simple(haha!) expedient of putting the camera SD card into my new EEpc laptop and getting my husband to figure the rest out….It was then all transferred onto what we like to call a “remembering twig” and thus onto my PC.

If you’re wondering how a single mug has survived almost thirty years of use and about ten house moves, then blame my teacher. For some reason a tiny area inside the mug didn’t take the glaze and so the resulting mug has never held liquid of any sort and therefore only qualifies as a coffee cup from wistful thinking. It annoyed me at the time that all my work at the potter’s wheel getting the basic vessel right, then the sculpting of the face and the handle all went for nothing because a dip in the glaze missed a tiny portion of biscuit-fired clay, but now I am glad because I am sure that it would have been broken beyond repair by now otherwise.

Sometimes a mistake proves to be a blessing.

by Viv


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  1. Wow, Viv, this gives a new dimension (of course the third space dimension!) to Café l’Arte! Great to see a coffee cup entirely made by one of us, and what for one! It touches me somehow, even more thinking that you did it as you were so young …
    A question: was “coffee mug” the imposed theme, or did YOU chose it? And do you remember why you did it like you did it? It looks to me like an alien face, kind of… some special reason?

    By the way: I have created your own gallery within Cafe l’Arte, “Viv’s Art”. If you want me to give it another name, just tell me.
    And i have edited your post to add it to the categories… using the occasion to enlarge a little bit the photo so that my old eyes can see it better… hope you don’t mind!
    And I have proudly added the mug to our art slide show…

    Thanks for this great post, Viv… and to your husband too for his efforts with the laptop!

    Comment by Miki | January 10, 2009

  2. At the time Ugly mugs were a fashion in ceramics and our pottery department ran with this sort of thing, so we all had to make one. For me, the clay shapes itself in an odd way; I play with it and then something emerges. These days I use the self hardening clay or Fimo that you bake it the oven but it is harder to use in some ways than real clay and doesn’t hold certain shapes well.
    I recall something about Michaelangelo being asked how he created David and he said something about looking at the stone and then removing every chip of stone that wasn’t David, that David existed already inside the stone block. I think for me, the shape exists already; I have to find it and bring it out. It’s the same with stories too.

    Comment by viv66 | January 10, 2009

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