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Royal Engineers

Taken from the Royal Engineers Regimental cap badge

Taken from the Royal Engineers Regimental cap badge

My Dad was a Warrant Officer in the Royal Engineers.  It was his birthday and I wanted something that represented his life.

Again, I pencil drew the design onto the card and back-painted where necessary, then added beads and used gold pen and black pen for the lettering.

He was immensely pleased with it and its now framed and on their living-room wall.  🙂


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  1. I have a Royal engineers plaque, presented to me when we used to play for them in Osnabruck, which is also twinned with my hometown of Derby, which gives me a fantastic excuse to say DERBY 1, Manchester Disunited – a big fat zero! 🙂
    Sorry, had to do that!

    Comment by kevmoore | January 8, 2009

  2. Do you stil have a picture of the Guinea Pig one you did for me, Jenny?
    I admire your patience with these cards; I do hope you find a corner to do more soon.

    Comment by viv66 | January 8, 2009

  3. We weren’t ever posted to Osnabruck Kev, but spent most of our time in Berlin and Munster – with a brief sojourn in Roxel.

    As for the football stuff – whoosh! – did you hear it sail straight over my head? *grin*

    Viv – I’ve just posted your Guinea Pig. 🙂

    Comment by jennypaws | January 8, 2009

  4. Not being a footie fan, even I see the joy in being able to say Derby I Man U zero…. I like David slaying Goliath in whatever form it comes in… the underdog goes to Crufts to to speak.

    Comment by viv66 | January 8, 2009

  5. Jenny: surely posting a guinea pig is quite inhumane??, – and will make them all flat and gooey if you try to push them through a letterbox. I recommend puree, then freeze-drying into easy-to handle slender jiffy bags for easy access and less mess.
    Spent time in Munster and Berlin too…in fact, stick a pin in a map of Germany and in all likelihood I’ve done a gig there!
    Viv: I must admit I had a very warm feeling watching the match, but it might have been when I carelessly left my elbow on the soup.

    Comment by kevmoore | January 8, 2009

  6. La-la-la-la-la, I’m not listening! ~sticks fingers in ears~ Guinea pig abuse!! Shame on you! LOL

    Comment by jennypaws | January 8, 2009

  7. Just as long as the said soup was not made from pureed Cavia Porcellus, you can have your warm feeling Kev. As I said, I like it when the underdog bites the bum of the bigger dog.
    I did once go to a proper football match when I was about 12 and as far as I can recall it was Liverpool (family club, I had relatives on the board) versus Chelsea. What horrifies me even now umptyump years later is quite how easy it was to get lost in the whole experience and become a tribe animal…. My uncle reckoned I threw toilet rolls and chanted with the best of them but I have virtually no memory of the whole thing. Scary. I prefer cricket now…

    Comment by viv66 | January 8, 2009

  8. I played a few shows in the hallowed Anfield Ground of Liverpool a few years back. Cricket, eh? mmm..I had a great uncle who used to sit and watch it at Chesterfield. He lived til about 101, I suspect chiefly because absolutely nothing untoward ever seems to happen in a game of cricket, and he got so mind-numbingly bored he simply forgot to expire 🙂

    Comment by kevmoore | January 8, 2009

  9. “umptyump years” …. *giggle* Love it!

    Comment by jennypaws | January 9, 2009

  10. I only prefer cricket as it is less likely to inspire me to acts of undignified enthusiasm… one of my closest friends is a huge(well as huge as someone of 4ft 11 can be)follower of both cricket and rugby, and whenever she stays with us at the time of a big match of one or the other, we get pleadings to stay home and watch it. We are needless to say, cruel and refuse, so she comes out with earphones in and radio tuned, and explodes from time to time with loud exclamations of joy or otherwise. I did manage to confiscate said radio when we went to Quaker Meeting though.
    We have a friend who lives in Chesterfield.Judging from our few visits there, cricket is possibly one of the highlights of life there…

    Comment by viv66 | January 9, 2009

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