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I’m sorry, Mr Blonde


I’m sorry, Mr Blonde



“Oh no!  Not you!”

and as the words form in my head

I know how ridiculous they sound.

For if I didn’t want it to be you,

why set the trap in the first place?


I guess, I just expected

you to be cleverer than that.

Mr Blonde.


I’ve watched you run down the cable

from ceiling to floor

countless times.


I’ve watched you, brazen

as you scan the computer desk for crisps

wash your whiskers and sit on the phone.


I’ve known you were in the bin

as the dog stands, staring,

not quite believing what he’s seeing.


I’ve found you, red handed,

at night time.  Flattened against the wall

in the bird cage.  Little blonde mouse-shaped cuttlefish.


I guess I thought you were cleverer than that.

Being bested by the lure of peanut butter.

Small blonde body broken in the trap.

I’m so sorry.



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  1. I needed a while to understand what it is about… I can be quite thick sometimes!
    But as i did eventually I was soooooooooo sad and sorry myself! I like mice! I remember many years ago having lived in Germany in a flat where a mouse had entered the house and spent much time in the kitchen. I spent hours watching at her, it was hilarious, and touching as well. I never said anything about her to the man I was living whom because I knew he would put a trap at once. The mouse was clever enough to understand that it was in her interest not to appear when he was home…
    Great poem!

    Comment by Miki | January 8, 2009

  2. The photograph is of the very Mr Blonde that the poem talks about – doing his impression of a little blonde mouse-shaped cuttlefish and hoping he won’t be noticed. *chuckle*

    Unfortunately, we had so many mice in that house, setting traps was unavoidable because of the damage they were causing. I just wish it hadn’t have been Mr Blonde who got caught that time. *sad face*

    Comment by jennypaws | January 8, 2009

  3. That was great – so vivid I could see Mr. Blond and the kitchen – and then got knocked out by the totally unexpected ending…I like to be taken by surprise when I read 🙂

    Comment by psychscribe | January 24, 2009

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