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West Kennet Longbarrow

On the inside looking out


On the inside, looking out, of one of the mysterious barrows that litter the countryside in Wiltshire. This is one that has been partially excavated many years back, although the greater half of it remains undug. It’s older than most of the Avebury circle this is in walking distance from, and the day we visited this (Midsummer eve) the land around was peppered with Crop circles and hippies. Avebury was so crowded we didn’t stay for fear of getting trapped in the car park and so we went hillwalking instead.

I felt very safe and happy inside this barrow; unlike other prehistoric places that have given me the shivers and made me move on very fast. I posted the picture as a means of expressing how I feel today, rather like a tortoise peeping from inside its shell at a world it isn’t very sure of today…but thinking the sunshine out there looks inviting at least.


by Viv


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  1. I feel like that too, sometimes… but not today! Although we haven’t sunshine outside, not even here in Andalucia…
    I think it quite OK to stay inside our shells or caves when we don’t feel sure of the world…
    I always think, when I don’t feel well, why should I show my pain to the world, it is hard enough out there,for most of us.
    But important is, I believe, to keep an eye towards outside, ready to react when the right light appears… or when the coffee is ready 🙂
    I personally find very touching the way you tell and show us how you feel today… I really see the tortoise’s eyes shining in the darkness of the cave, and these are the most important sunshines ever….

    Comment by Miki | January 7, 2009

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