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Kev Moore's Hand

Kev Moore's Hand

As a result of the idea of  prepublishing here (serialising it on a regular basis), in Cafe Crem,  Michael Polocky’s novel “One More Day”, and the pact Kev Moore did with him:

“… and just in case you need further incentive – for every chapter you publish, I will try and write and present a short story…” (Oh no, Kev Moore, I haven’t forgotten!)

– We three decided to open here “The Literary Room”, open to all actual and budding writers from Cafe Crem, and starting NOW!

Today Kevin found for it the wonderful name of “Cafe Literati”.

I suppose no many people here know it, but I am myself a writer, kind of… I wrote in the past a novel, and an illustrated book for children, but I never tried to publish them. Well, I have just decided, along with Michael and Kevin, to publish here for the first time my children story, with the corresponding illustrations. Unfortunately I wrote it in German, as I was living in Germany. But I will translate it into English for all our readers here, and Kevin will make the necessary corrections. The name of the story is “Bubble Boy”.

Michael Pokocky has already started to publish One More Day. To find it, scroll down the categories on the right hand side of this site, you will find it under the category “Cafe Literati”.


Miki's Hand

Miki's Hand

By  Miki


December 26, 2008 - Posted by | Art, Cafe Literati, coffee, culture, friends, photography, poetry, writing


  1. This post and the feeling behind it most certainly makes on feel welcome. Well done. And the new look of Cafe Crem is so wonderful to look at. I love it. Love it.

    So Miki and Kev have a good time over the next few days and I can’t wait to hear about the gig on the 31st Kev.

    Thanks so much for your support and dedication to Cafe Crem, which I feel is profoundly passionate.

    Comment by Michael Pokocky | December 26, 2008

  2. Thanks Michael!
    Yes, passion is one of the most important ingredient of our lives…

    Comment by Miki | December 26, 2008

  3. Woo Hoo!!! Yay!! This awesome, Michael! You’re being published HERE before anywhere else; here with friends to encourage you and to bounce ideas from each other. This is exciting!!!

    Miki… Wow!!! You’re a writer too!!! Auf welcher Sprache schreibst Du dein Kinderbuch??? Wie weit bist Du schon damit?

    Kev, are we going to see more lyrics from your songs as well as short stories????

    This is wonderful!

    Good Luck everybody! Maybe we can all inspire each other :))

    Comment by Bonny | December 27, 2008

  4. I absolutely love these hands!

    And the new layout/theme of cafe crem. Kevmoore’s hand reminds me of something Edith Head or Yves Saint-Laurent would scribble in a waking dream; and Miki’s recalls Toulousse Lautrec.

    Comment by sittingpugs | December 27, 2008

  5. @ Sittingpugs
    People will think that we added the hands colours digitally, but NO! I really painted our hands this way and made the photos then1 kevmoore’s hand should represent a piano, kind of… not quite obvious, I fear… but you are right, it reminds Saint-Laurent somehow. As for Edith Head… I must admit my ignorance once more… no idea who she is! But a quick look in the Wikipedia and I even know now how she looked like in 1976…
    As for Toulouse-Lautrec… wonderful to read his name here in Cafe Crem and no need for Wikipedia here. He is one of my few favourite painters…. and I have lived many years in Albir, the town where he was born. he has a fantastic museum there. I guess his hands were as small as my 🙂

    Ich habe mein Kinderbuch vor ungefähr 25 Jahren in German geschrieben, als ich in Deutschland lebte. ich habe angefangen es in Englisch zu übersetzen, und werde es hier in Englisch Veröffentlichen.Ich hatte das Buch, Text und Bilder, vor 20 Jahren in Deutschland verloren, hatte sie alle nicht einmal in einem Computer oder Diskette. Ich habe sie in März dieses Jahr wiedergefunden, und werde die Geschichte dazu hier erzählen.

    And yes, I wrote a lost in the past… in Fact I enjoyed it more than painting, can you believe that? Now I have a huge problem as my languages are all over the place, and I don’t feel I would be able to write in any of them, because in my head it is a big language salad and none of them comes naturally to me. It is awful and I am really sad about it…

    Comment by Miki | December 27, 2008

  6. Nice call on Edith Head, SP – She herself certainly had a distinctive look – I think I’m right in thinking they parodied her in “The Incredibles” movie as the superhero costume designer – her look was perfect to copy as a cartoon!
    Miki: your quote “a big language salad” is great! It reminds me of the album by Emerson, Lake and Palmer….perhaps you need some “Brain Salad Surgery”!!!

    Comment by kevmoore | December 27, 2008

  7. Miki & Kev,

    this is why arts education is so important in primary and secondary school. can’t make references to great artists and aesthetic styles otherwise.

    granted, my knowledge of Edith Head is informed by a love of Audrey Hepburn.

    Comment by sittingpugs | December 28, 2008

  8. @ Sittingpugs
    In primary and secondary school, my own interest in arts education was NULL! I loved maths, physics, Latin, THAT”S ALL! And as I was strong minded nobody was ever able to force me to learn something else!

    But even later, as I started myself with the art. first photography then painting, and even now to my deep shame, I can’t really go into arts education. I love to paint and to see great art, but arts books or museums visits are not my thing.
    But having said that, I totally agree with what you say. It’s just me who is bad at that…

    Ah, by the way, Audrey Hepburn was and is (and I guess will stay) my favourite actress of all times.

    @ Kevmoore
    No, I don’t want that surgery… loads of great and weird other ingredients in that salad… I think I must just learn to separate the languages in my brain, they interfere much too much with each other, especially English and German.

    Comment by Miki | December 28, 2008

  9. I agree with you SP, though my knowledge of Edith head comes from a general love of film, and an obsession with the minutiae! There was a time when the costumes of Edith head and the titles of Saul Bass gave a film its identity, before you even got down to the acting!

    Comment by kevmoore | December 28, 2008

  10. Kev, was that before or after Alfred Hitchcock made it known he felt actors were just like furniture? There to be moved around but not nearly as important as a perfectly staged and filmed scene?

    Miki, I hear you on the art museums & books, though (and the strong mindedness). On the one hand, kids still in single digit years of age should be able to look at a picture of Mona Lisa and know it’s the Mona Lisa, but whether or not they can list artistic movements in order and match those with the pertinent artists …that could be left up to the individual. Or at least the time when they’re motivated enough to want to learn (say, to impress a boy or a girl or get out of gym class).

    Comment by sittingpugs | December 28, 2008

  11. How uncanny SP, 2 Hitchcock movies on TV tomorrow morning, beginning with Suspicion – I shall observe the actors with great care and will report back if the leading man resembles a chaise long, or indeed any of the supporting actors look like occasional tables.

    Comment by kevmoore | December 28, 2008

  12. How did I know?

    I’m thinking there could be an actor-as-ottoman happening.

    Hitchcock apparently made a direct comparison between actors & cattle. Not that actors are cattle, but should be treated as such.

    Comment by sittingpugs | December 29, 2008

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