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Meditation on a Coffee Cup #6

This is one of my little 5″x7″ pieces that got a suprising number of looks at my art show Saturday. The other new coffee piece I did, Coffee Cup Nebula #4, was one I was personally very excited about, but got very little attention; even though it was on a print:

a journal:

and a cup:

My guess is that the Meditation has a lot more contrast, to catch the eye from a distance. But I would be curious to hear what my coffee buddies here think about this.



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  1. Shelley, hi!
    Is it possible to add the first painting of the 6series you show here (top lefthand corner) as a large mug in your shop? I want the Nebula one, and Kevin wants that one. I could then order altogether with the journal.

    Comment by Miki | December 3, 2008

  2. I really love Nebula, so beautiful!

    Comment by Miki | December 3, 2008

  3. I really like the meditation Shelley, but the Nebula is a charming idea, and I’m surprised it didn’t draw people in – but you’re right, it has a more subtle “first impression” – and the contrast of “mediatation” is instantly appealing to the eye. (this eye, anyway!)

    Comment by kevmoore | December 3, 2008

  4. Absolutely fantastic Shelley!!! I personally like the Nebula. I think life is like this and it is good advice,” Just do whatever it is you want; give it everything you got; never let outside influences affect you; and finally fight for what you believe in and love to do to the end, even if that means taking a few hard punches along the way. The point is to never give up ’cause the dream will die with it.


    Comment by Michael | December 4, 2008

  5. Yes, Michael is totally right: the point is to never give up! Show your art wherever you can, in real life and in the net, take note of the reactions of the public but don’t let it affect your dream, keep being yourself, and doing exactly what YOU want with the same passion and artistic honesty we know from you. The reward will come, don’t doubt.
    I can’t wait to get my Nebula cup and journal! As soon as you have told me if you can do the other cup, I will order them from your shop, and believe me, Kevin and I will cherish these cups!

    Comment by Miki | December 4, 2008

  6. Well put Miki. How yah doing by the way?

    Comment by Michael | December 5, 2008

  7. Hi Michael! I am doing wonderfully, many satisfactions artistically and a very happy personal life… I am simply blessed!

    Shelley, I have ordered the two cups and the journal now! I am so happy! Was fun to purchase from YOUR shop! Great articles.

    Comment by Miki | December 5, 2008

  8. Great news Miki and I have been following everyone’s blogs too and get a general feeling everyone is doing or feeling great and that is indeed a blessing. What more could we ask of life than the comfort of just knowing and the opportunity to hang out and chill together either with friends, family, strangers or some combination. That is living don’t you think?

    Comment by Michael | December 6, 2008

  9. Hi Shelley!

    i have received a mail today telling me that the coffee cups and the journal are on the way to me!
    Can’t wait to have them!

    Comment by Miki | December 7, 2008

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