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Fingers Crossed!

Fingers Crossed for Shelley!

Fingers Crossed for Shelley!

Well everyone, today is Shelley’s BIG DAY! No, she’s not getting married again – it’s her Art exhibiton!

So I’m sure you’ll join Miki and I in wishing her Good Luck and Bon Chance!


Kev Moore


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  1. Ouch, that hurts!

    Good luck, Shelley, we are with you today!

    Comment by Miki | November 29, 2008

  2. You are going to be a hit girl. All of Canada is behind you because I said so and I know Canadians.

    Proud of you,
    Michael and Canada

    Comment by Michael | November 29, 2008

  3. Ouch! I had the same reaction as Miki to that photo!

    The show is over. The gallery was very quiet most of the day. The weather was blamed–wet and gloomy. I wrote a poem about raindrops after I got home. More people showed up in about the last 30 minutes of the show, but I’m pretty sure nothing sold. I was a wonderful opportunity to meet some other local artists, and learn more about digital art. My son has already picked out his favorite pieces to hang in his bedroom.

    I’m sleepy now. Thank you for thinking about me 🙂

    Comment by shelleymhouse | November 30, 2008

  4. Happy to see that you survived the show, Shelley! 🙂

    And one can feel how the tension is gone now. I know exactly this feeling from “afterwards”, one feels empty, kind of. Don’t worry at all about the results, paintings sold or not, this is not a measure for the quality of your work and your talent. Not at all. It is simply very difficult to sell artwork, and it happens rarely. And although it is very important to get this acknowledgement in form of a sales, it is not the most important for us, artists. Important is to create art, and to share it.
    To meet other artist as you say, and to learn something, whatever it is.
    And then, when the weather forces people to stay home, what a bad luck! I feel so sorry for that…

    I DO HOPE that you will continue making shows, now that the first step is done (and the paintings already framed, less work then!).
    And as you know, you will get here in Cafe Crem all the support you need and wish!


    Comment by Miki | November 30, 2008

  5. Shelley

    I second what Miki has said – it can be easy to measure the “success” of a show based on what happens that day. But an art career consists of a long series of events, each acting as another brick in the foundation you are building. It’s so important to keep laying new bricks.

    Someone told me once that as an artist what you do this year only pays off next year and that has been my experience. Congratulations on all the hard work you’ve accomplished in this show!

    BTW I visited your website and love your work! The beautiful simplicity of your drawings is so expressive.

    Comment by bobcornelis | November 30, 2008

  6. Yeouch! That is the coolest photoshopped pic! Owwww…

    Comment by thepomegranateblog | December 1, 2008

  7. Thank you, Miki. I am slowly recovering from that post-show “emptiness,” and trying to figure out where else to show all these framed prints 🙂

    Thank you, Bob! Especially for looking at my website. That means a lot to me. I understand what you mean about laying bricks. Just being in a show is important, when I think about how far I’ve come since last year. It felt very good to nonchalantly tell a couple people in yoga yesterday “Oh, I missed class Saturday because I was in an art show…”

    Comment by shelleymhouse | December 3, 2008

  8. Shelley, this is nothing! (If you’ve seen Wag the Dog with Dustin Hoffman and Robert de Niro you know what I mean…)

    If I had 1 $ for every show where nobody showed or nobody bought nothing I will be rich. As Bob and Miki said… and some others too, the ideea is that we get MOST of our joy and satisfaction in DOING our thing, our art…

    But of course, selling some would be nice…and it will come, it will come…

    Comment by ivdanu | December 4, 2008

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