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Spanish Sunday

Following Michael’s inspirational post, I found a poem lurking inside me that needed to get out. It’s a small observation on our Sunday here in Spain…..

I peer over the balustrade
The dried and dusty
Crack’d old parchment bed
Has given up the ghost and left
As from the mountains waters bled
A joyous bubbling
Made its way from rock, to hill, to plain
To froth and trickle past me
New river runs on this wet sunday
Where no river ran before
A miracle of nature
Right outside my own front door

My sleepy Spanish hamlet yawning
In the pitter-patter rain
The glistening streets, flamenco beats
Sun-drenched sierra surrenders briefly
To a freshness – seldom seen
Then that golden orb reclaims its own
And mirrored blacktop stretches out
Beneath a veil of rising steam.

Copyright Kev Moore September 2008


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  1. Absolutely Kevin. You know that there are things within us waiting to be born into this world. You listen well to your spirit or higher self or call it what you like and you act on what you here. It reminds me of Legends of the Fall to paraphrase the Indian narrator, “Some people here their own inner voices with great clarity and they live by what they here. Such people are thought crazy. But they become legend.” I hope the solo album you are working on comes from this place because it will be truly a wonderful experience for you and for us.

    Comment by Mike on the road | September 29, 2008

  2. Thanks, Michael, we’ve been very busy relocating and seeting up the new gallery, and what with my recent run of European shows, it looks like the new year before it will be out, but I’m proud of it, and I hope its well received. Interestingly – and I think there’s a moral here – an album I gave my heart and soul to in the early nineties, which barely caused a ripple at the time – has just recently been given a wonderful review, 14 years later – in a major rock magazine’s 100th. issue. It was such a joy to get this (albeit uneccesary) validation so far down the line. It means something to somebody else. It touched them. Therefore I feel good to have made it in the first place. It really spurred me on with my current project! i think the moral is…”all good things come to those who wait” – but I’d rather paraphrase it – “all good things come, so don’t wait, get on with the next good thing!”

    Comment by kevmoore | September 29, 2008

  3. […] Sunday Poetictouch wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptMy sleepy Spanish hamlet yawning In […]

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