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It’s the Edge of the World as we know it – Portugal 10


Monday morning, and to my delight and amazement, Miki’s ready for another foray into Lisbon. But this time, we sensibly decide to take the bus in and out, as we’ve now become fully conversant with the transport system. Today, we’re hitting a few shops, and prezzies are exchanged! We love doing this, buying strange clothes for each other, and interesting music.

Once more the pushers are homing in on me, but I’m getting good at the brush-off now. There’s more drugs on sale here than in the Caribbean, and that’s saying something.

All in all, we had a good day out today, and spent a quiet evening at the Campsite, in readiness for some cleaning and washing before leaving on Tuesday. In the event, we were away from the campsite around 5pm. Just in time to become ensnared in a traffic jam that snaked all the way along the coast for about 20k, courtesy of some kind of National holiday – or maybe Portugal had just won another football match. As we drove past the scenes of smiling people dancing outside bars to music, frolicking in the turquoise sea, I was struck by such an impression that these are a happy, healthy, contented people.

I must now issue a disclaimer, for the most westerly point in Europe that I believe I mentioned we had visited in a previous entry, now turns out not to be the most westerly after all. That honour is reserved for the Cabo da Roca, which we arrived at after disentangling ourselves from the traffic.

A towering cross, facing out to sea, stands upon a plinth with the words:

“Where the land ends and the sea begins…”

A simple, but fitting statement. Having crossed the Atlantic several times, it still inspires me with awe to look out from Europe’s edge across the heaving blue vastness, imagining the “new world” on the other side.

 Kev Moore


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