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A replacement brush for Bill

by Susan

Happy Birthday Bill! I thought I’d replace that Kolinsky sable brush that flew into the river when the weird guy startled you. After all, what’s an artist without his brush?!


May 21, 2008 - Posted by | Art, Cafe L'Arte, Susan Cornelis' Paintings


  1. Perhaps he could attach a chain to it and put it round his neck, like people seem to do with their glasses when they get absent minded. I keep telling Miki she should do this, but obviously she prefers the exercise we get spending three hours searching for continually misplaced glasses, than the surety of knowing they are dangling around your neck…

    Comment by kevmoore | May 21, 2008

  2. Wonderful painting, Susan, I love it a lot!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Bill! Sorry, I am a little bit late, but I had only eyes and heart and words for my Kevin yesterday! 🙂

    Comment by Miki | May 21, 2008

  3. Susan, that is so nice of you. A beautiful brush. I may throw the rest of mine away. If you don’t mind, could you email me the photo so I can show the work on my blog –

    Comment by wrjones | May 22, 2008

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