Café Crem

Art, Music and Words around The Coffee Table

A bird in the cafe is worth two in the bush……

Cafe Masko is just to the left of the centre palm…

Today, in tandem with the sketches and dialogues Miki brings you in her Portraits site, I’m posting a few shots of the birds that frequent Cafe Masko, peacefully co-existing with the customers and lending a helping hand to the waitresses. It is rare thing indeed for a half-finished donut to make it back to the garbage bin in the Cafe proper – indeed, every little crumb is painstakingly collected by these cheeky winged workers!

– Is this chair taken?

These little creatures have no fear, often perching on the very table at which you are sat, hoping for a discarded crumb, or in my case, an entire stray donut that may have dropped from the corner of my mouth.

Oi! Maurice! this one’s in the Sun!

We sat and delighted in their antics, while Miki prepared herself and chose her weapons with which to capture the essence of the human visitors to Cafe Masko. With the sun warming us, I immersed myself in the latest Kathy Reichs novel, as Miki captured their souls in her inimitable way….

Miki dons her shades and prepares to wield her pen, surely mightier than any sword!

Kev Moore


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  1. I can relate to birds walking around humans, watching us, waiting for the crumbs we leave behind. It is nice to read your stories…

    Comment by anangeli | May 6, 2008

  2. Thank you so much, Yolanda!

    Comment by kevmoore | May 7, 2008

  3. I’m so glad you’re sharing your Cafe Masko life with us in pictures and captions Kev! I think I’ll join in and do my own cafe in the sun sitting tomorrow and share!

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | May 7, 2008

  4. Yes, Susan, that would be cool! No cafe for me for a day or two though …I’m hoping to meet up with a musician friend up in the hills, then I have to rehearse for my solo show at The Basement Cafe on Friday.

    Comment by kevmoore | May 7, 2008

  5. This looks like a pretty expensive café! I really enjoyed these pictures.

    Madame Monet

    Comment by wpm1955 | May 7, 2008

  6. Surprisingly, MM, it’s not expensive at all – a large, and I mean large – cafe con leche complete with free yummy donut and a pallette -cleansing glass of water is just 1.60 euros! Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

    Comment by kevmoore | May 7, 2008

  7. It is least expensive than Starbucks here. And free donut? Yum!

    Comment by anangeli | May 7, 2008

  8. Hi everybody!
    It is a great cafe indeed… the mini donuts and the coffee are delicious, and there are a lot of exquisite people sitting around, I have a lot of fun sketching them, and watching at them! Tomorrow in my portrait site, I will tell a funny story which happened to us yesterday, as we were sitting there… ah well, perhaps I will post it here too?
    I am sorry, I haven’t been around much these last two weeks, working a lot… but I come back now!
    Missed you all!

    Comment by Miki | May 7, 2008

  9. I gave it a try today, sketching at our local cafe, but there was hardly anyone there and not nearly as colorful as your crowd. I think I’ll try another place.

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | May 8, 2008

  10. @Yolanda, Starbucks always presents me with such a dilemma, I love the stuff they serve, but their prices are beyond comprehension. They bleat on about how they’re doing all this for fair trade…fair trade???!! I should think with the profit they make on each cup they could wipe out third world debt and provide free health care for the entire civilised world.

    Comment by kevmoore | May 8, 2008

  11. Susan, it seems to me you need to encourage a better class of clientele into your local establishment!! Perhaps we should organise an international cafe patrons exchange? 😉

    Comment by kevmoore | May 8, 2008

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