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Hi everybody!

I have just changed my profession and opened a new factory… is somebody here interested to get some of the stuff I produce? It is free for all Cafe Creamers, so don’t be shy and contact me if you want some!

PS: it works, I have tested it this morning by a Spanish lawyer!

By Miki


April 30, 2008 - Posted by | Art, friends, humor, life, personal, photography, random |


  1. “Darling? there’s someone at the door…..I think it’s the Police…..”

    Comment by kevmoore | April 30, 2008

  2. what is the change in USA dollars??

    Comment by anangeli | April 30, 2008

  3. keep on printing.

    Comment by Michael | April 30, 2008

  4. @my Kevin
    No fear from police here, I have enough money now to bribe them…

    a lot!

    I will!

    Comment by Miki | April 30, 2008

  5. Saying in English: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…”

    Madame Monet

    Comment by wpm1955 | April 30, 2008

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