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what’s your excuse+

“I have rash moments all the time. What’s your excuse?”

What do you think?



April 25, 2008 - Posted by | Cafe L'Arte, humor, life, Michaels' Philosophical Sketches


  1. I don’t know the why but i do know that rash moments are a subliminal excuse automatic reation mechanism built in to prevent us from going doing saying etc.

    That would be my excuse when I am down or not in the zone.

    Comment by Michael | April 25, 2008

  2. Such a cute drawing, Michael! Really, I love that stuff! And thank you so much to post it today, I really enjoy them a lot!
    I generally don’t use excuses which are not true. It happens to me to say that I had no time, but then I really had no time. But of course to have no time means only that we have higher priorities… means that we are busy doing something more important! I agree that we can’t always say that publicly…

    But when I really need an excuse, I generally say that I have been depressed. It has the advantage that people not only don;t shout at me, but also say:
    “Poor Miki!” 🙂

    But honestly, generally I prefer to tell the truth. Not because I am a better person than anybody else, but because it saves a lot of efforts and wrong expectations and so on…

    Comment by Miki | April 25, 2008

  3. This one is too little, Michael. I enjoy seeing your drawings BIG!

    I don’t know what rash means, it is not in my vocabulary, but will be soon.. I have an idea… but need the real definition later. I will answer based on my perception of it.

    We all have rash moments, don’t we? Those that we later regret??? And sometimes result in some good? And some times solve the situation, a life??? Yeah, I want to have a rash moment of that kind, a rash moment that will make someone think harder… I like those ones.

    Comment by anangeli | April 25, 2008

  4. I should probably have more rash moments. I am always trying to be too cautious.

    Comment by shelleymhouse | April 26, 2008

  5. I have answered Michael’s question without having a clue what rash moments are!
    I thought he meant moments when we are in a hurry. I guess I meant “rush”!
    So, Michael, what are rash moments really?

    Comment by Miki | April 26, 2008

  6. adjective
    1 foolhardy, rash, reckless
    marked by unthinking boldness; with defiant disregard for danger or consequences; “foolhardy enough to try to seize the gun from the hijacker”; “became the fiercest and most reckless of partisans”-Macaulay; “a reckless driver”; “a rash attempt to climb th

    2 rash
    imprudently incurring risk; “do something rash that he will forever repent”- George Meredith

    The way I wrote this was thinking about irrational and rational behavior.

    A rash moment for me is to be hasty, impetuous, reckless, venturous, incautious, precipitate, indiscreet, foolhardy. Also being the opposite, cautious, is also weighted in.

    So I have rash moments all the time implies that I am a rebel to put it bluntly. I say what I mean and do what I say. I am so direct and to the point that people think I am kidding, but I know I am not. { this is my favorite motto. Look to anything great accomplished. It was not the desire of greatness that produced greatness. It was the series of rash little steps taken that produced greatness.

    The problem with breakthroughs in technology, culture, medicine, politics, war and peace today are at the fate of individuals who are afraid to be rash to act rash.

    This is freedom and I can prove it.

    If everyone here just started realizing the potential for this then you would all be famous.

    Now that is a rash statement because it feels like I am attacking you but I am not. If you asked me why say that I would respond that it made you angry, it made you reactive. So instead of reacting paint a picture, write a poem photograph something with the energy that I just pushed or pulled from you and put it into a song Kev and then tell me being rash is not the true way to creativity. If you don’t believe me go to a grave yard or a cemetery and ask eveyone buried there what they really think about the living and if they could live again how would they live? What would be their story?

    I guarantee you they will jump out or their graves and tell humanity a thing or to about being complacent or afraid or living in self pity or living by the stories we tell ourselves.

    They will shout all together with such a force as to shake the living to the core. Hopefully this will bring back our primal essence to be fearless in the face of death or anything. Most importantly the word excuses would disappear from every language in the world.

    Was that rash enough for you?

    Comment by Michael | April 26, 2008

  7. Yes, Michael, this was rash enough, although it can’t never be too rash for me if THAT means rash!
    My whole life is a rash moment!
    Totally agree with everything. I especially believe that rash is the true way to creativity and to real happiness! And luckily I don’t need to waken the Dead to know that you are right!
    So well written, such a passion, such a strength!

    Comment by Miki | April 26, 2008

  8. And thanks so much to put the drawing bigger, great to see it better. Yolanda will love it too!

    Comment by Miki | April 26, 2008

  9. Am I sorry I wrote that?
    Of course not.
    Why should I be?
    It was authentic.
    No thought given just wrote the damn thing.
    Miki gets it who’s next?

    Comment by Michael | April 26, 2008

  10. Now I am going back to writing because I have to take all these little rash steps to get to the finish and its a long way ahead. But Luv you guys.

    Comment by Michael | April 26, 2008

  11. I am with you, Michael, little rash step by little rash step…

    Comment by Miki | April 26, 2008

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