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For England, and St.George!!

Today is St. George’s day. England’s patron saint. He has become a symbol of the campaign to get England to reclaim it’s national pride. Sadly, the flag has been hijacked by extremists who want to send everybody who isn’t pink “back where they came from.” This has got so bad that people have become embarrassed to be English. Oh, it’s okay for the Welsh to have their St.Day, and the Irish their patently over-the-top St.Patrick’s day celebrations. but we English stick our heads above the thorny parapet of nationalism and we are met with cries of “shame!” and “racist!”. We are even encouraged to call ourselves British. Can you imagine a Scotsman doing that?

But surely there can be nothing wrong with being proud of your country? Surely I can call myself English and be proud of it? There has been a campaign afoot for many years to have St.George’s day declared a National holiday, but the politically correct lily-livered liberals fight it at every turn. We should cast off this faux shame that has been forced upon us and reclaim our heritage for ALL the English-born amongst us, be they white, black, brown or pink, before that dragon turns around and bites us in the ass.

Check out this clip of my mate and co-Gonad Garry Bushell, a patriot of the first order!


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  1. I agree, I know one of the reasons the whole ‘English’ culture has disintegrated though, It’s chav culture.
    Whether its white chav’s, Asian chav’s, Black chav’s, each of these are oblivious to other races, alienate themselves by living in little bubbles, and dont realise how much their attitudes, dress code etc impacts on society. Completely indifferent to other races.
    You’d think a country like England wouldn’t have such primeval inhabitants in todays modern times, but its only getting worse.

    They’ve killed off the ‘feel-good factor’ associated with being English.

    As much as Americans are cheesy and their pompous attitudes make them dislikeable, they’re still on to something, they somehow keep their multi-races from clashing, and represent them solely as ‘American’. Diesnt matter who they are, they proudly sing the American national anthem and even weirdly LOOK American, regardless of their race or cultural background. I actually admire them for managing that quite well (well it seems so, on the surface).

    Anyway, I still love our fish, chips and mushy peas and Bridget Jones’s vocabulary, and Jane Austens Novels. Eat that America!

    Comment by supersizeme | April 24, 2008

  2. you’ve got a point there, Supe, chav culture has a great deal to answer for. And you’re right, every race has them!! I guess the way American multi-racial community manages to all look “american’ is because they all buy their new teeth and noses from the same guy? 🙂

    p.s. you just made me a little homesick with the fish chips and mushy peas thing…but, hey, I’m playing Skegness 70’s festival tomorrow night, so thats what I’m having for dinner!

    Comment by kevmoore | April 24, 2008

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