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what are the top things you ReAlly WaNt to DO+

Think about the things you would really like to do that you hadn’t.

I think that will give us an insight into you and to know you better.

I think it will be fun.

List as many things as you want and come back to list some more as each day passes.

cheers from Canada/michael


April 17, 2008 - Posted by | life


  1. * travel to Greece
    * win the Nobel Prize in Literature
    * play on stage guitar with Kev
    * hang out with Keith Richards
    * hang out with Johnny Depp
    * make a ton of money and give away 80% to creatives
    * to live the dreams I have when sleeping in reality

    Comment by Michael | April 17, 2008

  2. * to be a with you guys on your trip

    just read Miki’s post and commented.

    cheers/ michael

    Comment by Michael | April 17, 2008

  3. Great photo once again Michael, you really know how to put a shot together. And by the way, join me onstage anytime, man! I’ll do a song for you tomorrow night at my solo show.

    A couple of my wannado’s

    Get a full release for an album of my own solo original material.
    Finish a novel.
    Be a better bass player.
    Be a better singer.
    See my daughter happy.

    Comment by kevmoore | April 17, 2008

  4. Love this one Michael! Great idea.

    Some of mine:
    -Write/illustrate/Publish myown book
    -Learn to speak fluent Spanish, French and Italian
    -Play an instrument (or several) well and compose my own songs.
    (Sounds like I’m trying to imitate my fellow CC’ers, huh?)
    -Spend some time alone in a beautiful, wild place
    -Sell all my paintings (well, not all, but. . .)

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | April 18, 2008

  5. Seems the obvious sometimes turns out to be the most fun.
    Great posts.
    Can’t wait to see it develop.
    Thanks Kev, Susan/and Kev I was sleeping and thought I heard this great song that felt special.
    Woke up and read this. Hmmm!!!!
    Perhaps the Greek gods were real!!!

    Comment by Michael | April 18, 2008

  6. seems writing is on everyone’s list.
    found this just now The Paris Review

    Comment by Michael | April 18, 2008

  7. Love this one too, although I really have to struggle to find an answer (I lived my life trying to do exactly what I REALLY wanted to, and it is not so much left!), at least a spontaneous one!
    – travel in the Trans-Siberian Express (my father being a railways engineer and me having spent my youth in trains, I have always some kind of train dream…)
    – to make the cover of Kevin’s album of his own solo original material.
    – to paint with Susan
    – to hire a big bus, or even better a big boat and invite all my Cafe Crem friends to a trip on it;;; what a great trip it would be, full of music, colours, words, and above all, full of very special friendship!
    – to make my whole painter business through the internet to get even more freedom (and less broken glasses!)
    – to move definitely to Turre, where we arrived 2 days ago
    – to translate and publish my (written in German about 25 years ago) German illustrated children story

    I would love to see other Cafe Creamer’s dreams too… our dreams say a lot about our true personality, I think…

    Comment by Miki | April 18, 2008

  8. By the way, this is again an incredible photo, Michael. Has some end of the word atmosphere, somehow… But what exactly is all this stuff hanging around? Branches, ropes, electric leads? And where is it exactly?

    Comment by Miki | April 18, 2008

  9. @ Miki Thank you. They are branches of twigs tied together to form a rolling wreath so light bulbs could be hung for Christmas. The terrace opened up and I was the first one brave enough to sit outside with Rene’s blankets two days ago.
    The photo was taken at while shooting shots to build his web blog.
    Again the shot is natural and not touched up.
    Perhaps I should be in or add to my work Photography?

    Comment by Michael | April 18, 2008

  10. What I would like to do:

    1- Write a book, even a booklet, that is published, illustrated by me, and is read by people who like it.

    2- Learn Italina, visit Italy, stay in a medium size village-small town for a month and get a taste of it. Drink lots of wine and eat bread and cheese, take photographs and read books under the scented breeze powered by lots of flowers, fruits and smells of the town.

    3- Do the same with Greece, get to meet the old monuments in the face and tell them; I am back.

    4- Be more myself in all ocassions but that would mean telling many people : you a rude, you are an idiot, you are arrogant, you are an ingnorant etc… So… I choose to be polite instead of being myself. But that is being myself also. I do not like to hurt people even when they are rude.

    4- Ride a motorcycle “well”. I did it once and went ahead into some bushes, stepped out and never touched one again., afraid of them. Then a young boy I loved was killed, run over by a car when riding his motorcyle, which I had told his mother not to buy. It’s an unfulfilled dream.

    I will buy a scooter when I am 65 to run errands to the grocery store, wear a ridiculous hat and oversized sunglasses and.. do odd things on the way, like sticking the finger up to rude passerbys. Why I don’t do it now??? I may not do it ever. I am already considered to old for that.. Maybe some day. I am gathering the strength.

    The other place I would visit but I guess will never happen is Japan.

    End of list. Have fun with it.

    Comment by anangeli | April 18, 2008

  11. I see that everyone has unfulfilled dreams.

    What does that say about us? Is this human nature?

    I think not. It is fear that dreaded cross bearing load we all carry around doing the rational thing which is politically correct.

    I see two scenarios: irrational and rational.

    I would bet my soul on irrational. Why? It fires up the imagination and if you act on your will and just go damn do it then the first time the rush is so high that you will like it because you will see you made it back from the edge, and there was nothing to fear in the first place.

    Man just be crazy and wild and you. Never think of time and age and health. Focusing on that will bring more of the same. Get out there and have fun do the unexpected be killer free and you will see the difference and you will feel better and you will feel younger and your health will improve.

    We’re all going to the same place so its the details of how we choose to live our lives that matters and that is what we must do to start living again, painting with a blood thirsty passion, loving like it was the first time, feeling the world around and within you for the first time again. All our first times were in our youth.

    Its a shame really that once we hit the 20’s we stop living. That means we lived life for the first 20 years and then by convention grew up. That is the grand illusion. We actually all went to sleep everyone everywhere. I say live like you were 20 again but just before the point where you stopped living life on your terms as we asserted ourselves all throughout our child hood into independence into our 20’s. But that was where the fatal flaw of our parents and teachers came in. They never allowed themselves to live either sorry to say but it is true and as much as I love mine I inherited their inheritance and so on.

    Yesterday I went out and got my hair cut. Philip asked me how do you want it done. I said your the artist and imagine we are on stage and you have to cut the winning hair cut. hahahahah We spend the whole time talking and laughing and hey for the first time I got a hair cut that it get up and shower and go and I haven’t even looked at it but I KNOw it FeEls GooD.

    Comment by Michael | April 19, 2008

  12. Agree Michael. Its not your life, it’s how you live it that defines you. that said, I have been supremely lucky to have been in a profession that has “freeze-framed” my state of mind at around 21. that is to say, i’ve collected the layers of experience, heartache, etc; but i still retain my sense of adventure and wonder. Long may it continue!

    Comment by kevmoore | April 19, 2008

  13. The two things I want to do at the moment are to make more Feng Shui progress in my house and office (at school, in classroom), and to start oil painting again.

    Madame Monet

    Comment by wpm1955 | April 20, 2008

  14. Michael, the only reason writing isn’t on my list is that I have managed to start three blogs in the past year, and keep them up for about nine months now (that’s in addition to this blog)!

    Madame Monet

    Comment by wpm1955 | April 20, 2008

  15. MM, I certainly think most of us here can cross writing off the list, as both here and on our own blogs we continue to wax lyrical about all manner of interesting things!

    Comment by kevmoore | April 20, 2008

  16. Oh God, Michael, i never disagreed so much with you and I must say, I am totally happy to disagree with you!
    All our first times are in our youth? NOOOOOO!
    We stop living with 20? NOOOOOOOO!
    Michael, wake up and live! Right now, at your soon 53 years, you have a whole new life in front of you, full of new first times and excitement! Forget your 20, you were not half as smart and interesting as you are today!
    You really seem to have a youth complex…
    concerning me, for nothing in the world I would like to be 20 again, not even 30, not even 40! I am today much more focussed on whom I am and what I want, I don’t waste time with doubts, I know more than ever that life is short but full of extraordinary opportunities, if one only stays open in heart and mind.

    May we see you with your cut hair? And why did you cut it?

    Comment by Miki | April 20, 2008

  17. By the way, thanks to explain me the photo,
    I don’t know if they have room on their walls, but if yes, you should make a series of photos of the cafe and exhibit them inside. It would look great because your photos are really exceptional and very personal.

    Comment by Miki | April 20, 2008

  18. @ Miki. Glad to agree to disagree. If we did not think for ourselves then we would all agree just to agree.

    Perhaps by sharing what I wrote this morning for a book might shed light on what I was getting at.

    “Good then.
    What is love? Is it just a word? Is it a feeling that has been given a word? The point is are you having fun?
    What we have is beyond any word. Its authentic. It has no boundaries. It is free. It is pure connection of our souls.
    Who says we can’t have this? It is timeless. The purity of souls meeting without form (meeting in person).
    It is that beach ball. That hot air balloon. Visits in our dreams. a sense of just knowing.
    You may be in Love. I am married. All labels which I have given up.
    If I want you that is my desire. If you respond that is yours. The meeting of our souls and bodies and minds is the proof that we are deeply. Connected. Not even we can change that. It is what is happening.
    We are both free in all ways. To experience. To share. to have an existence beyond what most would consider unattainable.
    That is what we have. No words. Just action.
    Ageless. Timeless. Freedom. All this allows anything we dream up to happen. If our dreams connect then it is our destiny.
    Destiny commands us. To find a way. To never stop. To dream the impossible. To experience an ecstatic reality beyond and then some.
    We have said the words. We have met each other in our dreams. Sleep is our world for now. Distance is our enemy.
    Destiny allows for creative imagination to make things real. It has not stopped us from working to that end. An end which is a new beginning.
    And if by chance our bodies never embrace we will be certain that our souls have and that is eternity.
    Oh but what a day beholds us when we do embrace and fulfill our bodies desires so that in our form bodies our experience of each other will be intensified. Earth shattering. the ultimate orgasmic experience after so much longing.
    But this is our form our bodies speaking. What drives that is our mind. What makes us certain is our connected spirits.
    All is possible. On any level. At any time. Wherever. Whenever.
    We know we know. That is all that matters. That certainty of knowing allows the word love to lose all meaning because what we experience is galaxtical. Wonderful. And best of all there is no fear because we choose not to call it love. Thus we can never hurt nor feel pain or loss for we will always have this feeling to fall back on when our real lives hurt us and cause us unnecessary pain and suffering, or to embrace with all our will the desires, the passions, the dreams, the atonement, the wonderful experiences that await us while we ready our lives to make it a reality.
    This I know to be true. This is what I see. This is the ultimate ecstasy where words mean nothing where words cannot hurt where just knowing and just being one together on this journey that is bringing us closer to our first embrace the one that we feel and see in our dreams the one that when it does happen there will never be anything that will compare.
    Save this. Memorize it. Focus on it. And nothing in this world will hurt you when you just know that this is what you ultimately have.
    There will always be Greece. There will always be us. There will always be joy in every step you take, every tree you sit under knowing that one day it will be our reality. So help me God.
    I get you and you get me and that is what will bring about our first embrace and we will not want to let go.

    Comment by Michael | April 20, 2008

  19. What a wonderful text Michael!
    in fact it could be a letter or even an appeal to yourself… you might know what I mean…
    And thanks for the short hair photo!!!

    Comment by Miki | April 20, 2008

  20. We get too cautious. We save this thing and that other thing for tomorrow, we save emotions .money and our time. Time is dedicated to saveguard our fearful selves from emotional and physical harm, because after twenty—for me it was around 40— you already know how bad it feels to be hurt.

    Comment by anangeli | April 24, 2008

  21. Well, I have always noticed that there are two kind of persons.
    The ones whose life strategy is “not to be unhappy” and live their life concentrating their efforts on avoiding any kind of pain. I guess this is the very big majority.
    And then there are some whole life strategy is to “be happy” and concentrate their efforts in getting what they want.
    There is for me an enormous difference between both, and I definitely belong to the second sort. I can’t live my life according to a negative motto (not to be….), and I know for certain, that the happy and successful people, all of them, lived their life in order to get what they want, and not to avoid what they don’t want.
    But this is only possible when our wishes are stronger than our fears… I am very lucky to be one of them. But of course it is not always easy and I trembling more than one time considering my dareness.
    By the way I am going through a BIG CHANGE right now in my life, and I will tell you soon. It has been one of these decisions which will make me tremble for a long time, until I know that it was the right decision…

    Comment by Miki | April 24, 2008

  22. One thing I really want to do is …. to make Michael laugh!

    Comment by Miki | April 24, 2008

  23. Great… another site I can bookmark and never come back to

    Comment by sunee | July 3, 2009

  24. That was a nice read

    Comment by sunee | July 3, 2009

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