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I am a creator…+

\"I am a Creator...\"

What does this mean to you?



April 13, 2008 - Posted by | Cafe L'Arte, humor, life, Michaels' Philosophical Sketches | ,


  1. Fear!

    Comment by Michael | April 13, 2008

  2. “…..I’m gonna need a bigger house.”

    Comment by kevmoore | April 13, 2008

  3. Your drawing reminds me of a drawing I did a long long time ago… me sitting at my desk and writing – there was time when I was a writer too…- but pointing the pen not to the paper but to my head like a gun and in fact I had shot already and was bent over the desk with blood running all over my body… this was the result of a too deep introspection with the pen… in both senses!
    Me being a creator means a big responsibility which is not always easy to carry… to be a Creator with the wonderful (no, not the unbearable!) lightness of being means paradise for me.
    You being a creator means for me another source of true being in the world… another real universe which is worth my time and my attention.

    Comment by Miki | April 13, 2008

  4. An need for outside acceptance . The man is aware of who he is but wants recognition.

    Comment by Yolanda | April 13, 2008

  5. I was thinking of the writer J.D. Salinger @ when I did this. He refuses to publish and doesn’t want the world to know him and that makes his value so high that it has been heard he has been offered $10MM for an exclusive interview. He turned it down.
    This is a parody on those who seek fame at any cost and forget to have fun.

    Comment by Michael | April 14, 2008

  6. ccc

    Comment by c | April 20, 2008

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