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Visite Surprise for Michael in la Chocolaterie

By Miki

Well, Michael, on your birthday, I took the special Cafe Crem Machine from our Croc-Air Company and flew to Paolo Coelho. I remembered how you had wished to be with him on the boat in front of Notre-Dame, so I thought you would enjoy to meet him personally in one of your favourite cafes.

So I asked Mr. Coelho if he would be ready to fly back with me to la Chocolaterie de Marie-Claude and meet you there. Of course, well-informed as he always is, he knew about you and all your books, and about Cafe Crem too. And open to new ideas as he also always is, he accepted at once! So we flew back to la Chocolaterie and he waited for you there.

Unfortunately, everything went wrong then! I had no possibility to inform you, and Mr Coelho had no time to wait until I could reach you, so I just took a photo of this very special moment before I had to fly him back. Sorry! I guess it would have been a very interesting chat between two writers!

But as we said in France:

“C’ est l ‘ intention qui compte!”

Paolo Coelho in la Chocolaterie


April 5, 2008 - Posted by | books, coffee, culture, events, friends, humor, life, men, photo, random, religion, travel


  1. I see…Poison d’avril, eh? Welcome back, miki & Kev!

    Comment by iondanu | April 5, 2008

  2. You have such an active imagination Miki. I just read a great article by a world renowned dancer and you might know her. She wrote a book on creativity which is sort of the way you were leading me to get my books out there.

    The Creative Habit
    Learn It and Use It for Life
    By Twyla Tharp

    and there is an article too,

    This, all of it, including the Moleskine Feature is really all happening for a reason, right?

    Thank you so much again,

    Comment by Michael | April 5, 2008

  3. Thank you for your greetings, Danu! I am happy to hear from you again.
    Very funny you know… I guess you wanted to say:
    “poisson d’ avril”
    and in fact you said
    “poison d’ avril”!
    I hope it was not! But Michael looks quite alive, so I guess it was more of a poisson…

    Comment by Miki | April 5, 2008

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