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sharing with you my journals+

Click on the links to see blown up pictures of my literary life+

All of my journals

My very first Journal: Book I

Book I page 1

Book I page 2 and 3

Detail of collection of my journals

Yes that’s me with Picasso | portrait of a young writer+

Currently editing One More Day {my first novel of 11 written}

The kids decided last years birthday cake would look good on my face

Hope you enjoyed a peak into my world on my birthday+

Kindest with love and compassion,



March 26, 2008 - Posted by | Art, books, humor, literature, photo, poetry, writing


  1. Wow, Michael! You must really believe in the written word… Thanks to let us glance…

    Myself, I’m afraid nothing will survive my disparition… Kids aren’t that interested… or maybe they are, I really don’t know…

    Comment by iondanu | March 27, 2008

  2. Thanks Danu.

    Interestingly My Birthday March 26th must have had something to do with the latest full moon. It came and went and nobody came to the party.

    Where is everyone?

    I was looking forward to celebrating with all my friends and it was the first time in my online life I really looked forward to a few laughs.

    So I had a nice Family Party here in Sainte-Adele with Nathalie and my wonderful children. Nathalie and the two girls made me a chocolate cake and I got flowers which I love because I am a sensitive soul like a flower.

    I called my potential future publisher and spoke for an hour with this wonderful woman who helped me and gave me the confidence to submit my first manuscript.

    I went to Tim Hortons after everyone went to bed and wrote another edit for my novel just like Miki explained to me how she works as a painter.

    I went to bed feeling wonderfully happy and everyone here wishes that all of you had a nice Easter Holiday and are all happy with your families too.

    My gift to all of you is something I can only give and that is my love and compassion for all of you.

    I hope you enjoy this post I did for you because I needed to share with you my work that I talk about so much and I needed to do that because I feel sharing this life written in those journals would make me feel “reborn” again.

    Guess what it worked, and I am glad I felt so comfortable for the first time in my life to share this with my real friends here on Cafe Crem.

    I hope all of you are proud to be here because I certainly am.

    And don’t worry that all of you are not around. I am not the kind of person who needs a party here to know that I am loved and appreciated. This I have known all along.

    As my friend says in New Zealand,
    Sweet as,

    Comment by Michael | March 28, 2008

  3. Michael, I think Miki and Kev (who have the Birthdays dates and keep track of things) are in the Mountains somewhere in the SW of France… That explains the lack of party for your birthday…

    But I’m sure we will have a wild party for you, a party with a vengence! Just give us some time!

    Man, I did not understood the last photo till recently: you and your cake! I thought it was some strage Halloween party…

    I hope your book goes better than my paintings…

    Comment by iondanu | March 28, 2008

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