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God in Our Life




What can I say about God in our lives? Even if you are an atheist, God is in our lives whether you like it or not. How can we explain the mysteries of life, why we are here where we come from?

It’s like the story about the man in a past era who found a clock on the sand. There were no clocks on that period, so it follows, someone intelligent had to create it. There was an intelligent “something” somewhere that brought all the pieces together in a functional way. So is with God. God is behind all creation whether through evolution, through biological transfer of genetic material (sex) or the petals of a flower that open to the sun. I hope I am not been carried away with too much poetic prose, but I that is the way I feel. I am not particularly religious, I believe in a creator or “a something ” beyond our human limitations who guides us. He is definitelly in our lives



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  1. As I said in my first entry about this theme, I am not religious at all but ironically God had been always present in my life! Some would see a proof of his existence in it.
    What I can’t follow at all is the personification of God, to say “he”, or “her”, or even “it” makes me feel very uncomfortable. Which is the reason why I don’t belieev either in God as a Guide, or a Creator. The conceptions are for me too adapted to our brain, too human. I can’t imagine any creator of this world with something like a human brain, it must be much beyond that. But of course I understand that we human need answers to all these questions about the origin o the universe, and we have no chance to give an answer which is not contained in our brain, which means which is part of this universe, which id for me a contradiction…

    When I proposed the theme, I much more meant the concrete existence of God in our lives, I mean concrete stories of our life, nice details, anecdotes, how we celebrate religious festive days…
    Anyway: happy Easter Monday Yolanda!

    Comment by Miki | March 24, 2008

  2. what I expressed, Miki, is my perception of God in my life. My feelings. I have never gone to church for I find it trivial. I do not believe in dogmas. Jesus did not go to church, on the contrary, he prayed on the woods . I cannot ascribe a human brain to him or a body neither, for he ( how can I address this) is much more than what we can imagine. So he is in my life through my perception of nature for I don’ t follow protocols to address his presence in my life. Mass, communion, all of that is the invention of men. He is everywhere I can feel him or find his works. Sorry if it does not fit the idea, I have not read all the entries and explanations yet.

    Comment by anangeli | March 24, 2008

  3. and that is why I placed a mountain as reference.
    happy Easter Monday to all!

    Comment by anangeli | March 24, 2008

  4. THank you Yolanda for your uplifting thoughts!

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | March 24, 2008

  5. Hi Yolanda. I love what you have written. To me I believe there is God and there is a man named Jesus who walked the earth who taught man at that time how to live in compassion and love.
    What I don’t buy into is the suppression of Jesus’s teachings by the Church.
    What gives them the right to withhold the third secret of Fatima, or to choose to judge men in God’s name?
    This is a wonderful world we all live in and if we just practice love and compassion we will show our children the way and our children’s children just might make it feel here like heaven here on earth.
    You see it was just me talking and imagine everyone talking so soft and calm about such a thing as love and compassion!!!!

    Comment by Michael | March 25, 2008

  6. Thank you Michael. That is the only thing we need, compassion and love in our daily lives. Many more people are feeling like this with every passing year.

    I think religions have failed to bring forward the true,simple message. For some people the “status quo” fills there spiritual needs and that’s OK. That keeps them centered. Other people need more. I think we are in that last category.

    Comment by anangeli | March 25, 2008

  7. More which is less of the insanity that covers the true religion beneath.

    Comment by anangeli | March 25, 2008

  8. Hi, great topic, one I hold close to my heart.
    I’d have loved to share my own story of closeness with God but life is just too hectic to do so, besides I spend most of my time trying to battle athiests, who are always arguing with me about my ‘blind’ belief!

    Comment by supersizeme | March 27, 2008

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