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Zoey meets Le Petit Prince

(acrylic on textured paper, 22X15″, by Susan Cornelis)
Forgive me for straying slightly from the topic of God. Your response may be “Good God! What is that fat chicken doing on Cafe Crem? But this is about that meeting of le petit prince – remember how suave he looked after Miki dressed him up for his meeting with the Zoey the chicken? (You can see him and read the beginning of this story here.) Well, I’m afraid that Zoey got a bit too excited in anticipation (as chickens are wont to do) and when he arrived. . . well she came on a bit strong. . .got so puffed up with pride at having been selected, from all the hens in the coop, and by a prince no less. . .well, you can see that she turned all kinds of colors so that le petit prince’s handsome new outfit did not match her at all. . .and he was quite dismayed when she turned out to be the same height as him. I mean, how would you feel if this chicken were as tall as you and approached you ready for some affectionate response. . .well, need I say more? His little planet suddenly looked quite homey to him, even without the Zoey he’d imagined, and he disappeared quite suddenly, leaving Zoey totally bereft with her sisters cackling with glee at her failure with the prince. But can you blame him?
Perhaps in your response you can bring God gracefully into this picture?

March 20, 2008 - Posted by | animals, Cafe L'Arte, Entertainment, family, fun, Susan Cornelis' Paintings


  1. […] acrylic painting by Susan To see the painting in its entirety and read the story, I invite you to Cafe Crem. Once you get there, click on the link to the first part of the story by Miki, and make sure you […]

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  2. Zoey is looking magnificent, Susan!

    Comment by kevmoore | March 20, 2008

  3. Good God!!!!

    As I saw Zoey, the most wonderful chicken I have ever seen in my life and even fantasy, I thought, no doubt, this will give a great wedding these days, a religious one of course, Cafe Crem oblige… (please notice here is my first approach to bring God gracefully into this post…)

    What a shock as I read then about the sudden disappearance of le petit prince! It broke my heart, it really did. To be honest, I found it very strange that I hadn’t heard anything from him after the meeting with Zoey, but I thought, well, both were surely too busy with kissing and sexing to lose a thought on Aunt Miki.

    What a silly silly petit prince!
    But poor boy, I wonder if he will ever recover from this first love…
    And how sorry I am for Zoey! I guess she went into a deep depression then, and surely doesn’t get any support from her cruel sisters…

    But you, Susan, what are you doing for her? Are you giving her some love lessons, about feminine charms for example, or how to approach a man by the first meeting (not too close of course so that he doesn’t have the possibility to steal your passport…)?

    Anyway, I will have a hard word with the le petit prince and send him to the confessional today !(and here we are again with God…)

    This is an extraordinary painting of a chicken, Susan. I never saw something like that before. And I am sure, this magnificent Zoey will soon find a true lover!

    Comment by Miki | March 21, 2008

  4. Please Miki. Don’t be so hard on your petit prince! And he has nothing to confess. Besides, don’t you think he’s a bit young to be marrying? I mean here in the USA we wait until we’re a bit older than 8 years old to marry. But perhaps it is different in France and Spain?

    Don’t worry about Zoey. Chickens don’t remember from day to day – such lucky creatures. In that way perhaps we would be better off living in the moment as they do – after all, God is in the present moment and when I find a philosophical moment that lasts longer than a single sentence I will post my own (widely shared) notions about God!

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | March 21, 2008

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