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Walking the Dogma – Part 2 –

Up to Madrid

Continuing the saga of my passport problems (read Part 1 here), with a religious observation..eventually.

I awoke at the distinctly uncivilised hour of 2am, courtesy of the alarm in my mobile phone, and resisted the temptation to hurl it across the room, lest I woke Miki.

I showered, shaved and vainly attempted to marinade myself in coffee to steel myself for the journey to Spain´s capital. I gathered the necessary documents together, and more importantly, CD’s for the journey, and with Miki’s sleepy goodbye gently sending me on my way, I pointed Smartie towards the motorway. With the extremely apt strains of “Once you get started” by Rufus ringing in my ears, I sped through the night onto the new highway that circumvents Alicante, before affording an exit onto the main route to Madrid, via Albacete. With the gorgeous bassline to “Stop on by” pumping through the stereo, I was enjoying the drive through the night. The motorway seemed like a solitary black ribbon laid out across the dark forbidding landscape just for me. I raced along it with glee, a silver-blue firefly in the night.

But as the moon began to wane, so did my spirits. My body was calling me back to sleep, and depressing thoughts came unbidden to my mind. What if my efforts are in vain? What if this drive is futile? The drive back will be unbearable.

The soulful strains of Rufus went back in the box. I needed to rock. Def Leppard’s Euphoria, cranked to the max, window down, just me, the cool night air, and a thousand guitars…

Leppard was followed by two of the greatest voices in rock – Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner, shaking the sleep from my head I sang out into the night along with them.

The big red moon was taking its final bow as I came within 50 kilometres of Madrid, and the gossamer-thin tendrils of dawn teased the early morning sunlight across the landscape revealing the stunning terrain for the first time.

With the curious inbuilt Sat-Nav I seem to have in my head, I managed to make my way directly into the heart of the city, adjacent to the large park in the centre. Exactly where I wanted to be. I’d made good time, parking up in an underground carpark around 7.30 am.

I was planning on getting to the consulate at 8, a good half an hour before it opened, having reasoned that, if there are thousands of people entering Britain illegally through the channel tunnel, there must be at least that many queuing up to do it legally, and I wanted to be the first in the queue.

But first on the agenda, my dear Cafe Cremers, was coffee! As I stepped out of the carpark into the early Spanish sunlight and turned right onto the main thoroughfare, I stumbled upon….a Starbucks!

The sun had turned out to be lying, and up in Madrid, a world away from the Spanish Costas, it was brass monkey weather. The overcoated, be-hatted Spanish commuters gazed at me like I was from another planet as I briskly strode towards the cafe in my BC Sweet T-shirt, cut off denims and Converse basketball boots. Grabbing a paper from a nearby vendor, I went in, ordered a caramel machiatto and a skinny muffin, and sat in the window, letting the sunshine do its work on my cryogenically frozen bones through the glass, feeling for all the world like a museum exhibit. (I could picture the Tour Guide: …and if you’ll all just come this way, you can see here the extremely rare long-haired accidental tourist…)

As I drained the last of my exorbitantly priced, yet undeniably tasty coffee, I checked the time. I should be making a move, I thought.

There was only one question going through my mind as I pushed open the doors and braced myself against the morning chill. Was today going to be a good day, or a bad day?


Kev Moore

Art by Miki


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  1. Well, the first episode caught my attention. How long do we have to wait for the next issue?

    Great illustration for the story.

    This better have a happy ending.

    Comment by wrjones | March 20, 2008

  2. I´m not a cruel man, Bill. I intend to put everyone out of their misery tomorrow. No, I’m not finishing the story, I’ve just become interested in germ warfare….

    Comment by kevmoore | March 20, 2008

  3. THe answer to your question is “Good day!” but I’ll pretend not to know yet, and just enjoy the image of the accidental tourist among the suits.

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | March 20, 2008

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  5. Kev, when your voice (God forbid!) will go too husky to sing you have a new career opening for you! you could be a (very good) writer!

    Comment by iondanu | March 21, 2008

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