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A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle | world wide web cast for free+


For those of you who missed my last comment on the Video I presented and the conversation Miki and I had I posted this,

I am currently participating in a world wide web exclusive webcast called A New Earth. If you think you know who you are, or don’t, or wonder about what the ego really is then this is for you.

It’s available to watch live every Monday night or you can watch the recorded version that is posted. I am into my fourth week now and what I thought I knew about many things have been shaken to the point where I find myself saying, I don’t know who I am! But somehow as I go along I am fine with that and I am one who normally does not find these kinds of books and shows useful, but I gave it an honest try and guess what, it is really opening my mind to a lot of things.

One thing I found about myself is I was a complainer and always had to be right, but now I have learned it is good to let go of this type of thinking.

I recommend this highly and its ironic how a song brought the conversation to this.

Here’s the link:

Kindest /michael


March 19, 2008 - Posted by | coffee, culture, education, events, God in our life, life, personal, video

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  1. THanks Michael. I’ve heard so much about this. I have read his books and seen him speak in person here. So I will try to catch up by watching from the beginning.

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | March 20, 2008

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