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My Flower Nuns

By Miki

This is a painting I did some months ago. As I looked at it when it was finished, asking myself what it might represent, I first saw Nuns and, lazy as always when it comes to giving a title to a painting, I called it “The Nuns”… I wonder if you can see them too!

The Flower Nuns

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  1. Of course. I see a nun with a vicious hook hand.

    THis could be part of a fantafloral series. I’m up for that. Whatdoyouthink? Fits with spring.

    Comment by Susan | March 17, 2008

  2. I see them as the violet petals of the very nice violet flower… between a black wide eyed and white teeth devil and a white (and also wide eyed torro galloping)… Poor nuns, they need a cavalier to rescue them! (not me, I’m just an old lame fat painter…)

    Comment by iondanu | March 17, 2008

  3. The painting is so beautiful that as a painting it stands well in my book.
    As for interpretation there is an irony.
    You see nuns.
    Danu sees violet petals et al.
    I see death as represented by figures wearing hooded robes within a beautiful painting. This suggests the duality between death and life.

    Comment by Michael | March 18, 2008

  4. The figure with the vicious hook hand is not a nun, I think. It is some bad creature of which the nuns are afraid of and this is the reason why my Nuns are gathered and hidden as the violet petals of the flowers. Bravo Danu!!!! but where is the galopping toro? oh wait, I think I see it… but it looks much more like a bunny to me!!! Have you ever seen a real galopping toro Danu?

    Susan: of course I am up for the fantaflowers! You know it, I am up for all kind of fanta… even fanta orange! Fanta lemon not so much though… 🙂

    Michael: thank you for the kind words about the painting. I have heard that most of my paintings suggest any kind of duality, and I guess it is right. I am generally very attracted by the juxtaposition of the contraries… I guess at the basis is my love for mathematics, with its dual logic…

    Comment by Miki | March 18, 2008

  5. Super duper cool. I especially like the purple.

    Comment by sittingpugs | March 18, 2008

  6. Hi Sittingpugs! Thanks for the super duper cool words!
    I love purple too, and I tend to put it everywhere in my paintings!

    Comment by Miki | March 18, 2008

  7. Your welcome Miki!

    Comment by Michael | March 18, 2008

  8. Fascinating! The longer I look at it, the more creatures I see. But the one that got my attention first was the winged donkey on top of the flower.
    I always love your way with colors, Miki.

    Comment by shelleymhouse | March 20, 2008

  9. Hi Shelly, so nice to see you again! I laughed so much as I read about your winged donkey!I guess this donkey is the wide eyed galopping toro from Danu!
    But I agree with you, he looks much more like a winged donkey than like a bull…

    Comment by Miki | March 20, 2008

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