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It´s Susan´s Birthday – Don´t touch that (croco)dial!

By Miki and Kevin

Perhaps you remember, Susan, that some months ago we created a flight company called Croc-Air. Kevin had designed the first prototype, able to fly through space and time at the speed of light. I have used it several times now, especially for the Café Crem birthdays, and it works great!

And perhaps you remember too the Ocean of Possibilities in which we are living, and your wish to explore it with us. It is sometimes quite cold and dark down there, and anyway much too deep to reach it by free diving or even with an air bottle. So Kevin and me have decided to make you a very special gift for your birthday today. He has designed for you another machine, a kind of submarine, which should allow you to travel wherever you want in that big Ocean of Possibilities. We have tested it today, it is totally safe… and here it is, for you , the first machine from Croc-Marine!

PS: who ever is interested in purchasing a machine from Croc-Air or Croc-Marine should contact us… but make it snappy!

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  1. THank you Miki and Kev! I’m a little afraid to ask though. How does one enter the Croc Marine? Tickle the nose and dart in as soon as the jaws open? Gulp!

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | March 13, 2008

  2. Happy Birthday, Susan!! I hope you celebrate in style!

    I think we might go out for a real Swiss fondue tonight, so Ill celebrate your day and toast your Birthday. In your honour I think I’ll go and find some Swiss chocolate today.

    Switzerland has several languages. But here in Lausanne, I’ve only heard French and a little bit of German.

    Great submarine, Kev! I’m not too sure I want a ride in one though, especially if the hatch is past all those teeth! Shudder!!!

    Comment by Bonny | March 13, 2008

  3. @Susan
    Oh Dear, I am not sure that Kevin has thought about the problem of how entering or leaving Croc-Marine, As he designed it, we were automatically inside… and still are!
    But your idea is great, a good challenge! You learn how to be quick at least!
    But I will tell you a secret: the teeth are made out of …. white chocolade! How could it be different with Kevin as a designer!

    Nice to see you again! You are in Switzerland right now? I am always quite excited when one of our Cafe Cremers is in Europe… unfortunately,
    until now , you are the only one who has crossed the big pond sincer we opened Cafe Crem.
    I love Swiss fondue!
    If I remmeebr well, i was in Lausanne about 10 years ago, on bthe way to skiing… it is a beautiful town, isn´t it? Ids there a , covered bridge somewhere? Or do I mix it with another town?
    Anyway, have a great day there, and I am very happy that you will toast Susan´s Birthday by the fodue night. She will love it1

    Comment by Miki | March 13, 2008

  4. Haha.. great, Miki & Kev, your imagination knows no bounds, great stuff!

    Comment by supersizeme | March 13, 2008

  5. there is no age without love

    Comment by joben | March 13, 2008

  6. There is no love without a Love for Living.

    Comment by Michael | March 13, 2008

  7. There is no Love for Living in our personal jails of doubts and fears and regrets…

    Comment by Miki | March 13, 2008

  8. Hey Supe, fancy a lift on Croc-Air or Croc-Marine some day? I guess you are abrave girl and not so afraid of the croco teeth, are you?

    Comment by Miki | March 13, 2008

  9. Bonny, hello again! hope you’re enjoying your Swiss sojourn! The hatch of course, as all careful mortals know, is underneath. If only Captain Hook had known his way around a crocodile, he would have perhaps had another chance at that pesky Peter Pan!

    Comment by kevmoore | March 13, 2008

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