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The Worst of a Woman….


Okay, first off everybody, let me just say that I am writing this post in anger, and as a kind of therapy, in a “get it off my chest ” kind of way. So feel free to attack me as a chauvinist, a fantasist, whatever, but here goes….

Do you remember some time ago when we helped a dear little dog, whom we named GYPSY? She’d been abandoned outside, and we took her in, gave her a warm bed, fed her and cared for her. Our hearts were torn, as we agonised over whether we should keep her or not. We knew, if we couldn’t find a home for her, we would have to take her with us, despite our relentless travelling lifestyle. We could never have just left her where we found her. Salvation came in the form of a Spanish lady who’d taken an interest in gypsy’s welfare before, and she assured us she had found an old lady who wanted to provide a home for gypsy. In the event, the Spanish lady, when she came to take her to her new owner, told us she was now going to a family with young children, and we tearfully, but thankfully handed Gypsy over, along with food and a feeding bowl we’d bought her .

Cut to this week, and we have observed a red-haired woman from our apartment block, walking two dogs, one the spitting image of Gypsy. Surely, it couldn’t be, could it? Today, I tried to speak to her in the hallway, as she was taking the dogs out.

“Excuse me, could I ask where you got the little dog?” I asked. She didn’t even turn to acknowledge me, just replying with a disgusted sneer;

“From outside, where you left her. She was on heat.”

“Woh, woh, wait a minute!” I said, “can I just explain something?” Her answer, accompanied by a dismissive raised hand and showing me her back was;

“I don’t want to hear it”

I followed her a good five hundred yards, talking after her, explaining that we’d found her outside, and found her a home, but she contemptuously ignored me, tried and convicted with no jury.

So, people, here’s my view. this was a typical example of the worst of a woman’s behaviour. A complete and utter refusal to even hear my explanation. My point of view was irrelevant. In her tiny brain, she had computed all the possibilities. and of course, their is only one possibility in an under-developed female brain. The man is in the wrong. Anything he says or does has no bearing on the truth whatsoever. because the truth is not real. the truth is whatever she deems it to be. I cannot begin to tell you the depths of my anger towards this holier-than-thou, self-righteous, bigoted cow. It is only matched by the level of disgust I feel for the lying Spanish woman who took Gypsy from us under false pretences. Also, how the hell am I supposed to know if a dog’s in heat? It’s not as if she was wearing a bloody T-shirt with “Come and get me, big boy” written on it, is it?

I never had a pet, never cared for an animal until Gypsy came along, but I couldn’t see that animal suffer. My thanks? Branded the same as the people who mistreated and abandoned her.

Will I ever go out of my way to help another animal? Dream on, ladies. It’s obviously your province, and woe betide any man who can’t provide written proof of his innocence.

Kev Moore


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  1. Kev, I can certainly appreciate your indignation and fury over how this woman treated you. Especially after all you’d been thru in your decision making over Gypsy. Her behavior was appalling.

    But… your words “this was a typical example of the worst of a woman’s behaviour. A complete and utter refusal to even hear my explanation. My point of view was irrelevant. In her tiny brain, she had computed all the possibilities. and of course, their is only one possibility in an under-developed female brain. The man is in the wrong. Anything he says or does has no bearing on the truth whatsoever. because the truth is not real. the truth is whatever she deems it to be”…are pretty extreme, don’t you think? In my tiny, underveloped female brain, I hope you’ve vented and calmed down enough to realize that such words are insulting to an entire gender, not just to one particular female idividual! Obviously she triggered you big time my friend, I hope you are feeling better. Psych

    Comment by psychscribe | March 7, 2008

  2. ”holier-than-thou, self-righteous, bigoted cow”
    Yeah Kev, I totally agree…

    I’m also thinking however she might have been having a bad hair day in general and you caught her at a wrong time?

    Comment by supersizeme | March 7, 2008

  3. Kevin, I hate to be in disagreement with you about women in general and what you think it is our nature. In response to that I am posting this before leaving on vacation.

    Not too long ago, I quit my job in a small company nearby. Well it seems to me that some men of power abuse it, and I was witness to many ocassions where the general manager abused his authority and would
    yell and mistreat direct employees of alien extraction who may or may be here legally. I really don’t know how that was working in this particular place, but I was not liking the company. My heart ached everytime I saw some of these persons scolded in front of everyone because a machine was not working or the setup did not function as expected. What kind of place was this???

    Well, after eight months my turn came to confront the same situation and the same man, which I considered debasing, outrageous and completely out of line. I was left without words with this reaction which I never though twoudl happen to me, and immediately, on the spot, resigned to the position — which was in truth, not really something I needed to do. I did not leave without explaining in detail, in writing, the whole situation to Human Resources who were very apologetic and concerned, but did nto hold me back. This is what is called a hostile environment in labor law. I could have done more, but I did not.
    Ifeel guilty about that, as Kevin.

    The point is. the man has “Ali” by first name. I saw the consisstent mistreatment on those eight months. My question to everyone is: Should I, based on this experience and this experience alone derive similar conclusions as you derive for women, about MEN from a COUNTRY where first name “ALI” is commonly used? It may be a cultural thing, like people in authority in his country think nothing about those lower to him, and I could be right on assuming that. Of course, they will continue doing whatever it is unless confronted. They need to learn and will continue on their old ways until stopped. People usually carry their emotional and cultural baggage wherever they go.

    In your situation I would confront the woman You gave the dog to, who seems to have told a different story. I know how it is to feel you are misunderstood and thought of as doing something you haven’t even thought about doing. Go for it, and I hope to see a contiuation of the story.

    Comment by anangeli | March 7, 2008

  4. Maybe Gypsy run away (dogs do that when they are in heat, don’t they?) and came back and the bigoted cow (one of a kind, no generalisation, ladies!) took it in? But I can understand entirely your frustration…

    Comment by iondanu | March 8, 2008

  5. Okay you lot…miki and i just got back froma couple of days away…and …i have calmed down. firstly, i would never intenionally insult the ladies here, or indeed, women in general, but I do believe the behaviour this woman displayed is the worst kind of female behaviour, however, I totally agree that, thankfully, most women don’t resort to this level. Regarding gypsy, surprise, surprise, the woman actually stood still long enough to listen to Miki explain the whole thing again, and offered a grudging apology. just so we’re clear, when the woman was mistreating me, I didn’t rise to the bait (apart from a sarcastic “thanks for your understanding” shouted in her genral direction) I made myself scarce like any sensible man should….
    regarding yolanda’s comment…i feel the treatment of her and her fellow workers is absolutely outrageous. I’d hoped this thought of thing had been left behind in the dark ages.

    Comment by kevmoore | March 9, 2008

  6. I also think she could have had a BAD HAIR or All-HER-LIFE-BAD-DAY. And so did you. So things are EVEN as I see it. Maybe she is/was a b-i-a-t-c-h that cannot control herself, or she suffers from cancer, was on crack or MJ and she would not care about people that day, just animals. (I am good at imagining thins). There are people like that, that will forsake a human being for an animal of 4 legs and will be rude to humans and kind to them. Go figure, there are as many ways of looking at things as many brains there are in the whole world.

    My Story: I can not believe either that organizations allow that kind of peopel in companies, but.. It is a Japanese company with strict codes and authority ideas that I assume they leak down and want to impose in their little Japan-within-an -merican-soil-company.

    Comment by anangeli | March 10, 2008

  7. Such a cute doggie!!!

    Comment by anangeli | March 10, 2008

  8. Oh yes, Yolanda, “our” Gypsy is such a cute doggie!
    As Kevin said, I have spoken to the English woman in the meanwhile and she was quite nice with me, perhaps she really had a bad day the day before. But above all I could caress Gypsy again, and it was such a wonderful feeling. She hasn´t forgotten me at all, was so tender to me… I needed so much self control not to take her with us again…
    You are so right, there are so many ways of looking… with the distance it is so easy to understand and to accept, but when you are caught in such a situation, like Kevin was, it simply hurts a lot! I never saw Kevin so hurt before… and this because of a doggie… Kevin, who never hold much of dogs before we found her!!!
    As we said we were traveling and came only yesterday evening back, I still hadn´t time to read your first comment, but i will.
    I hope you are enjoying a nice holiday on your island… sunshine?

    Comment by Miki | March 10, 2008

  9. I’ve been in situations like yours Kevin and they’re like bee stings. THe sting of outrage keeps playing back over and over in your brain and causing so much suffering, and then you find out the other person is the one who was suffering from mis-information and then finally you can free yourself. I hope you are now free of this and have discarded any guilt you feel as totally erroneous!

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | March 10, 2008

  10. Susan, I’m cool now! By the way all, although I’m quick to point out what i see as primarily female faults such as in my article, I freely and openly concede that we guys have plenty of shortcomings , albeit different ones, too!

    Comment by kevmoore | March 10, 2008

  11. angeli/supe; I like the bad hair day comments! I’m currently reading a novel by Tami Hoag, set in Montana, where the two female protagonists share an “in” saying – “It started out as a bad hair day and went downhill from there!”

    Comment by kevmoore | March 10, 2008

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