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Be my Valentine!


The heart that loves is always young!

A heart in love with beauty never grows old!

And here it is, my still-wet valentine, to wish you love and eternal life. Apparently the French get credit for the following. . .

Love makes time pass. Time makes love pass.

But this is I’m sure not true in the case of my favorite French person who we know so well.

Anyway, I hope you will all enjoy your day in the company with someone(s) you love. I’ll be thinking of you while I munch my chocolate!

Love, Susan


February 14, 2008 - Posted by | Cafe L'Arte, Proverbs and Sayings, Susan Cornelis' Paintings, Valentines


  1. Lovely post Susan,
    I’m munching chocolate too,
    … thinking of my favourite French person too, hoping she’s having a great Valentines day with our very own CC-resident rockstar! Oh yeah!

    Love, Sajida

    Comment by supersizeme | February 14, 2008

  2. What a lovely entry, Susan!
    I will surely enjoy my day with my beloved Rock star!
    And la joie de vivre, yes, we have it both, and since we know YOU, even more!
    Much much love to you.

    Comment by Miki | February 14, 2008

  3. @Sajida…
    I am getting red here… and it is a great feeling!
    I wish you a great Valentine´s day too, and I hope your romantic plan will work…

    Comment by Miki | February 14, 2008

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