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Crocodile Tears

By Miki

Crocodile tears

“Pleurer des larmes de crocodile”

“To cry crocodile tears “

I really wondered how these so brutal looking creatures could cry, so I made some research into the origin of this expression. It is a very old one and already had its equivalent in Latin and in Greek.

It comes from a legend which says that the Nile crocodiles attracted their prey by loudly wailing to break the hearts of the naive people who were passing by. They, curious to see what was provoking such awful laments, came too close…


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  1. The roots of the crocodile tears saying have striking parallels with that of the sirens and their deadly song, luring hapless sailors, besotted by their voices, onto the rocks. I suspect at the heart of these tales is a deep-seated human fear of being duped or conned in some way.
    For sure, I would be dashed upon the rocks, vainly seeking for the sweet sounds of Metal Miki! 🙂

    Comment by kevmoore | February 9, 2008

  2. I like the reflexion on that tear, miki! Nice touch! But what is (I suppose, another crocodile?) eating?
    The tearfull one could be crying because the other croc catch something juicy before him?

    Some intriguing sounds are those made by cats when the winter is comming to an end, in february or such… Like crying babies… and for hours! That some stamina, there!

    Comment by iondanu | February 9, 2008

  3. This time it is a big fish in his mouth… but be careful, Danu, who knows who will be the next in the crocodile’s mouth?! 🙂

    Speaking of cats and tears, we have in German:
    “Weibertränen – Katzentränen”
    Female trears – Cat tears

    Comment by Miki | February 10, 2008

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