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Take The Bull by The Horns!

January is slowly coming to an end, and with it our personal stories about our parents and children. It was a great month in Cafe Crem, with sad and happy moments, but all full of love words towards our respective families. Words which they perhaps, never heard themselves, and never will…

According to Madame Monet’s idea (again!) to alternate „heavy“ and „light“ themes I have decided to choose a light theme, and, -sorry!- one from me!

What fascinates me in Cafe Crem is the diversity of our authors, their nationalities and the countries in which they have lived, and I would love to occasionally feature themes which reflect our diversity.
The first which crossed my mind was “National Proverbs and Sayings”.

I have in mind that each of us could present one or many proverb(s)/saying(s) of his/her country and the others could tell, in the comments thread, if there is an equivalent in their own country or language, or a contrary one, and to comment on the little or big differences. Another example of an entry could be to choose a theme for the proverbs and sayings, like « Proverbs and sayings about bulls », or about « fire », or about « the heart », just to give you some ideas !
This theme would allow the artists among us to make some drawings or to add some photos to illustrate the proverbs… It could be fun and interesting at the same time.

Like always, everybody, not only the Cafe Crem authors, is invited to make an entry or to comment. You can send your entry to Miki and she will publish it for you, or if you wish to contribute to Cafe Crem regularly just contact Miki and she will add you as an author in Cafe Crem.

PS : I actually plan to feature this theme 2 weeks, from the 1st of February until the 14th, but it might last longer if we become inspired…


January 25, 2008 - Posted by | animals, Art, culture, Entertainment, friends, humor, life, literature, Proverbs and Sayings, random, writing


  1. This is a good idea, Tata Miki!
    Mes oreilles de linguiste n’ en croient pas leurs yeux! 🙂
    I’ll start preparing an entry at once!

    Comment by contessine | January 25, 2008

  2. Sounds good, and thanks for the preview. I’m sure ideas will start popping up once it’s brewed awhile. . .hmmmm.

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | January 25, 2008

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