Café Crem

Art, Music and Words around The Coffee Table

Happy BD, Mary


Best Wishes!!!!



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  1. I like this a lot! who is the handsome guy in the “ROCK” Shirt? 🙂

    Comment by kevmoore | January 20, 2008

    I even recognized your baking art (I already saw much delicious looking stuff in your blog) before I knew who made the entry, Yolanda!
    And the Rock guy, he is indeed so handsome… I guess Kevin envies his flat stomach…
    I just hope he doesn´t fancy too much the Blondy on your left side… and I hope that Mary will appear soon in Cafe Crem, the cake is in BIG DANGER!

    Comment by Miki | January 20, 2008

  3. […] Happy BD, Mary Best Wishes!!!! […]

    Pingback by Happy BD, Mary | January 20, 2008

  4. Ha, ha .. You are Kev. I forgot to identify others.. I was not sure if the blonde to the right was going to be Shelley or Miki, then I realized I needed more figures… so… I left t there. Lack of planning a sketcth…

    Comment by Yolanda | January 20, 2008

  5. What fun! This is so neat to include people from Café Crem in your drawing!
    I agree with Miki, that yummy looking cake isn’t going to last long if Mary doesn’t come soon to claim it!

    Comment by Bonny | January 20, 2008

  6. It must be Shelley… I have not such a feminine form… (((sniff,sniff)))…
    It´s not Bill, is it?

    Comment by Miki | January 20, 2008

  7. Heyy.. this is great! Who did this? Miki..?? Hehe! Who else?

    Comment by supersizeme | January 20, 2008

  8. Yolanda did this delicious cake, and this great drawing, Supe!

    Comment by Miki | January 21, 2008

  9. Im beginning to endow this drawing with flavours…I’m feeling…..chocolate and orange cake, Yolanda, what do you think? I think its time I had some dinner.

    Comment by kevmoore | January 21, 2008

  10. Oh yum! Chocolate and orange sounds good to me, Kev 🙂 This cake definitely needs to be bigger.

    I’m not sure that blonde is me. My form is not that feminine either, Miki. (I will sniff sniff with you)

    Comment by shelleymhouse | January 21, 2008

  11. chocolate and orange sounds good. anything chocolate is good with me.

    I think everyone is kind of hungry for sweets, I ‘m going to bake something right now

    The blonde: the mysterious blonde…. is she the one that will eat the cake if Mary does not claim it???

    We all seem to have a sweet tooth!

    Comment by Yolanda | January 21, 2008

  12. I clame the cake! Stop that blond girl from eating my cake!! Oh Yolanda, I love this painting!!! It’s so sweet!!!!

    Thank you so much!! I’m sorry for not being around… got problems with my computer.

    Comment by Mary | January 22, 2008

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