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a brief excursion back to the world of coffee. . .

Pen, watercolor in Moleskine w/c sketchbook
Yesterday I found myself in Emeryville (CA) with some time on my hands while I waited for my husband. So I looked around briefly, found the closest Starbucks, ordered breakfast and hunkered down for a good sketch. My initial rumbling fear of exposure was soon dispelled. Not a soul was looking around to check out others. They were all either wired to the hilt or consumed with work oriented discussions. The perfect setting for sketching people actually! especially the ones like these guys who find endless fascination and compelling satisfaction from internet browsing, music listening and cell phone visiting, and all at the same time. Why, I could have set up my easel right next to them and they wouldn’t have noticed!
Here I sit with my neanderthal pen and brush, drinking brewed coffee (not espresso Latte, caramel machiato with extra foam and nutmeg sprinkles), eating a low cal breakfast sandwich, blissfully out of step with the Wonderful Wired World of Starbucks, Emeryville.
While I sketched this guy and listened to scraps of his conversation (he had NO coffee or anything on his techno-laden table) I constructed a whole story about him, filling in the blanks. Do you ever do that while you’re sketching? or just sitting and waiting and trying not to be too obvious and stare at your victim? THose of you who are writers probably get your material for novels in coffee shops.

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Father to Son


So, its time to write about my boy. He’s 15, 16 on Feb 28th (nearly a leap year baby and less birthday presents, damn!) and he arguably had a tougher time when I divorced than his sister as he was a lot younger. He had to move to Spain with his mother, (I was living in the UK at the time) and suffered terribly trying to learn the language and keep up with his studies in a Spanish only school. His mother’s relationship over here collapsed and they returned to the UK.  I was instrumental in getting him into the right school back in Yorkshire. For the first year or two, he struggled. I’d moved out to Spain, he was so far behind in Maths, (a natural ineptitude inherited from yours truly) and I was worried about him. But then, almost while my back was turned, he seemed to develop a resolve (which I firmly believe he learnt from his time in Spain)  His grades improved, he became a thoughtful young man, he has a very clear mind. He formed his own band, regularly chasing promoters and setting up their own gigs. He has a steady girlfriend who I think helps keep him focussed. He is totally on top of schoolwork, excells in Music and Drama, and is completely bemused by his sisters recent escapades.  I think he is a true friend to her, and will be a great asset to her in her road to peace.  I love him, and my daughter of course, very much,  but the curse of the parent is such that one can’t help seeing her at 22 and thinking, was she okay at 15, and will it go wrong for him? But the truth is, she had problems with anorexia at 13/14..if there was an anxiety written about in a teen mag, she was up for it.  She has more bravado, but is flawed beneath the surface. He has a greater strength of character, and I know he will make his mark in the world, ironically, setting an example for his older sister.

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Could YOU abandon this baby?


Well, here she is, Gypsy, the latest (perhaps) addition to our family… will she really become my first daughter, or not? I have about 10 days to decide… Kevin is useless here, as his heart has already turned to jelly!

So guys, what do YOU think?


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