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Sixth Grade Camp

Ah, the memories of early romance. A week away from the parents, liberating all the young little hearts. I remember my best friend taking long walks in the woods with her boyfriend. So much to giggle about.

There was one boy who had a crush on me. Tom, maybe? He was outside our cabin one afternoon, waiting for me to come out and talk to him. I was far too shy, especially with twenty girls looking on. So, I watched him out the window, as the sun set, and his heart sank into his shoes.

There was a special dinner at the camp a different evening. I was in a panic. Dads were supposed to come. I hadn’t even asked mine. I really didn’t think he’d show. But he did.

I adored my dad. I have very few pictures of him, and the ones I have I can’t seem to find. I pulled out an old high school sketchbook today. I knew this drawing of the camp photo was in there, but still, it took me by surprise:

–With my dad and little brother, drawn in 1986 from a photo taken in 1979.

by Shelley


January 4, 2008 - Posted by | Art, Cafe L'Arte, drawing, family, life, love, personal, Shelley's Creations, writing


  1. I am slowly making my way back into my regular routine. These beautiful entries about parents and children caught me by surprise, making me quite emotional. I wrote this piece about my dad about a year ago.

    Comment by shelleymhouse | January 4, 2008

  2. Keep the story going Shelley. It is so well introduced and so natural. Writing and being creative from the heart. Do you think that is what makes this entry you made so appealing and universal?

    Comment by Michael | January 4, 2008

  3. I’m wondering if any mothers are reading these posts. They should at least get credit for picking the dads.

    Comment by wrjones | January 4, 2008

  4. I wonder why the almost empty faces, shelley? only the little brother seem to have one… I’m not psy, so I wont forward no hypothesis but it’s an interesting drawing… and bill is right wondering (the 2nd time at least) where the mothers are…Myself I had a special, very strong tie with my mother, for me her is the one I always, without any doubt, count on…My father was always busy (well, to feed us, yeap) and relation with him were more difficult…

    Comment by iondanu | January 4, 2008

  5. What a lovely entry!! Those memories seem to be great ones..those are the ones we’d never forget, right?
    And don’t worry about the picture, as long as you have him in your heart, that’s all that matters. 🙂

    Bill, yes you are right.. we shold give moms the credit for picking such good dads!!

    Comment by Mary | January 5, 2008

  6. “as his heart sank into his shoes” lovely, Shelley, great story and a great illustration to accomapny it. Alas, I have no such memory of unrequited love on my first week away from the parents…My memory is of going off to camp in a soggy welsh field, running out of rations and eating weetabix with margarine on, and drinking “neat” undiluted orange cordial..ah, such good times!

    Comment by kevmoore | January 6, 2008

  7. I like very much this drawing, Shelley… There is a great contrast between the two empty faces in the foreground and the eye in the background… it gives a lot of emotional tension and some mystery to the picture… i love to how the diagonal composition…
    Wonderful entry!

    Comment by Miki | January 15, 2008

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