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Guess what I got for Christmas?

I’m loving seeing all your pictures! What a good idea, was it Michael? The big smile on my face is of course because I won the competition, unworthy though I feel, but also because of this particular Christmas present. Have you guessed what it is or are you grossed out that I have my finger up this gentleman’s nose? It’s a birdhouse of course, which I collect. I probably have as many birdhouses as Miki has coffee cups. I’m hoping the little birdies will find their way in through the holes in the nose. If not I guess i could glue some bird seed on the mustache to lure them in?

December 26, 2007 - Posted by | Art


  1. This looks like a beautiful birdhouse. Now you need to paint it yourself before hanging it up!

    Thank you for showing us the great photo of you with your prize.

    Best regards,
    Madame Monet

    Comment by wpm1955 | December 26, 2007

  2. Great photo of you with the gentleman, Susan! And wow, you look so elegant! I am much more the gypsy type…
    Is that a birdhouse for hummingbirds? The holes look so small!

    Comment by Miki | December 26, 2007

  3. Great pic, Susan! I’m thinking this photo could share a title with the song by They Might be Giants entitled “Put a little Birdhouse in your soul”!

    Comment by kevmoore | December 26, 2007

  4. Hey there she is. Nice to meet you Susan. I heard you called Miki and Kev and that must have been real special.
    {Your picture} You look so happy and it comes through really well. {Then} you humor shows up nicely too. As if your about to say something {Funny}!
    Merry Christmas Susan and glad you won and glad Miki and Kev got to talk to you.

    Comment by Michael | December 26, 2007

  5. Your gift is hilarious! I think it would crack me up every day to see birds climbing into his nose!

    Thank you, Susan, for sharing your beautiful smile with us 🙂

    Comment by shelleymhouse | December 26, 2007

  6. I love freckles. What a lovely smile and great face you have.

    Comment by wrjones | December 27, 2007

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