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B for Bardot, B for Bill!

In his inimitable shameless but charming way, Bill kept asking me to serve him a new Christmas coffee, and as I know he won´t give me a moments peace until he gets it, I caved in to his demands.

We all know that he put a Harley Davidson on his Santa wish list. We have in France a world famous actress, Brigitte Bardot, who in her youth interpreted the song “Harley Davidson”, written by Serge Gainsbourg

“…Je n’ai besoin de personne
En Harley Davidson
Je n’reconnais plus personne
En Harley Davidson
J’appuie sur le starter,
Et voici que je quitte la terre,
J’irai p’t’être au Paradis,
Mais dans un train d’enfer

tra la la…”

Kevin assured me that Bill would enjoy getting his coffee from Brigitte, but with the lady these days not looking her bests, I took the time travelling machine from Croc -Air and flew back to 1970, got Brigitte on board, and here she is,

Brigitte Bardot, for you Bill!

Brigitte Bardot and Harley Davidson


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  1. Merry Christmas Santy Claus!!!!

    Miki, You really know how to satisfy a fantasy.
    I’m not sure my heart can take it. Do you know CPR?

    I’m going to be looking at Bridget, spill the coffee and burn my lap. I won’t sue you.

    Thanks for a lovely painting, mug, and fantasy!

    Comment by wrjones | December 3, 2007

  2. I bet you’re glad you went for the black motorcycle gear and not the salmon pink now, huh, Bill?

    Comment by kevmoore | December 3, 2007

  3. Yes, I know CPR:
    “Chocolate Product Retrieval”
    Kevin can speak volumes about CPR… have a look, for example, at the CCCC Scores!

    Comment by Miki | December 3, 2007

  4. This painting is fantastic!! I will show it to my dad… he also likes that actress..
    And he also loves coffee.. I’m sure he would like a cup served by this woman!!

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!!

    Great as always Miki!

    Comment by Mary | December 3, 2007

  5. Thank you Mary! Say hello to your Dad from me, please, and from Brigitte Bardot! I´m sure she will serve him a cup of coffee if he comes in Café Crem!

    We have set up our Christmas tree yesterday in my gallery, have a look in my own blog, I am toasting all of my readers there, and of course, including you!
    Merry Christmas, Mary!

    Comment by Miki | December 3, 2007

  6. I will tell him that you say hello… He saw some of your paintings the other day, and indeed he loved them!!

    I’ve just checked out your blog…and I saw your picture!! You look so great Miki!! It’s so great to meet you!!

    Comment by Mary | December 3, 2007

  7. Ha hahahah!!!! This is a great one ….love it ….love it……

    Comment by Michael | December 3, 2007

  8. What on earth is coming out of this cup? It’s definitely not pink marshmallows or is it? Is it that crocodile again? I think Brigitte would help revive the interest of a lot of men in thewhole Santa thing, at least the young version here. Hmmm. Makes me think, who would revive the girls’ interest? Certainly not Brad Pitt or Ben Afleck or Bob Dylan (?) Maybe Russell Crowe?

    Comment by Susan | December 3, 2007

  9. yes, I remember BB: frele, souple mais pas denues des curves…She would have been (was) a great modele for an old painter like me… Gainsbourg aussi, I rembember it… Ca me fait penser (sorry, I was thinking in french!) I was also thinking at a movie called La Belle Noiseuse (je laisse Miki traduire, I cannot translate this…) with Michel Picolli, Emmanuelle Bejart et avec la compagne de Gainsbourg, l’americainne… I did some nudes atfer that movie…

    Comment by iondanu | December 3, 2007

  10. Yes, Russel Crowe! Great actor:in fact, just now I’m listening to the superb music from one of his movie, The Insider (a Michael Mann film)… Did you see one of his last movies, a comedy who took place in the South of Fraance? The Good Year? (a ridley Scott movie) Usually, you cannot fathom Crowe in a comedy – giving his usual characters (LA confidential and such) but he’s very funny, really.

    Comment by iondanu | December 4, 2007

  11. Gainsbourg had a fantastic face, hadn´t he, Danu? And what an enfant terrible! I would have loved to make his portrait too… His compagne, Jane Birkin, was English by the way…. she and Gainsbourg sang together the famous song:
    “Je t´aime, moi non plus…”
    Did you know that Gainsbourg and Bardot were a couple? I read once her autobiography, and she said he was the man she had most loved in her life…
    But don´t ask me what a noiseuse is… has it to do with “noix”, walnuts?
    I used to like Russel Crowe very much, above all after I saw him in “A beautiful mind”. But then I heard he was not such a good person in real life, and Im kind of lost my interest for him…. it happent the same to me with Gauguin, after I read his biography… I can´t love artists, even if they are fantastic in their art, if they are not good persons in life. I don´t judge them, but emotionally I don´t like them anymore, and consequently I don´t like their art anymore…

    Comment by Miki | December 4, 2007

  12. I haven´t seen “The Good Year”, but even if the critic seem to be quzite bad, i guess I would enjoy it, because I love films and books taking place in the Provence. Somehow are the landscapes and atmosphere from Provence almost enough by themselves to assure a good book or a good film! Well, i am sure i am wrong here, but I don´t care, I am just dreaming of Provence right now, and my last holidays there, in the Camargue…it was really a dream!

    Comment by Miki | December 4, 2007

  13. Miki you say you don’t judge by setting it off against emotion and yet it is emotions that fuel the imagination and fire up the souls of every living artist in history.
    We need more artists and poets like Rimbaud to stand up and piss on a table of inferior poets who have their quills stuck up their butts.
    Damn the critics. Damn the ones who think they are superior don’t you think? Ah for in superiority coming in on purple sea. Regard their damaged souls that project onto all and spread their viral message by the Ravens. To bad the innocence of a newborn raver is doomed at birth as a metaphor for the cesspool of life and an omen of evil in the minds of men.

    Comment by Michael | December 4, 2007

  14. Answering your comment properly would take me a whole life, Michael!
    I’ m not sure you understood me well with the emotions. I just meant that I rationally can find somebody a genius in his art, but if I don’ t like him as a person, then I emotionally don’t like his art, and at the end it is only my emotions which count. You know, I noticed many times, that when people like you as a person, the chance they buy a painting from you are multiplied by 10, at least! This proves to me that the appreciation of art in normal life (as opposite to the critics world) is ruled by emotions, and this is wonderful!
    Oh yes, we need such Enfants Terribles like Rimbaud! I terribly enjoy rebels, I only feel well among them.. Our Danu is such a one, I think, even if he is sometimes loses the energy to rebel! But behind all rebellions and crazynesses, I just need a good heart too, Michael, I need real kindness around me… I don’t think Gauguin was a kind one… Picasso neither… I think Van Gogh was a kind one… Dali, this is more difficult to judge. An extremely interesting personality. And above all with such a great humour!
    Oh, where have I landed now?

    Comment by Miki | December 4, 2007

  15. You have landed in the crazy world of the intersection of both our imaginations. Although I am a writer because I cannot stop, I found my inspiration for being a rebel creative and a rebel in all definitions of the word through painters. I was always particularly interested in the hint of what was going on inside of them more than their characters or their lives. I wanted to know what made them tick. This was by default because after taking art class in high school for five years and loving every minute of it and then painting on my own for years I eventually landed in the pages of the journal at the end of every day and therein I discovered the writer. I have read every biography of most traditional great artists and have spent my entire life as a Investment Banker selling my skills in this field at art gallery openings and showings some of which I sponsored and others I was invited to because of my passion for painting. I never left without a great girl by my side and a conversation that extended into dawn about the painters life over lots of coffee. And honestly that is all that happened so stop using your imagination. In fact because I was like this with woman they trusted me so I was always had a beauty and intelligent woman on my arm or on hers going out to various art gallery openings.
    Oh what memories and I am not gay. At that point in my life after having played around much, I woke up one day with a broken heart and then realized how many I had broken. I guess that is when my journal writing really took off and the stories I write now reflect my respect for woman as people rather than object. In that way I in my current incarnation here in Ste-Adele have many woman friends who even come over to the house and chat over wine or coffee or tea until the early morning hours. My wife when we were first together was really jealous but she saw the integrity of my intentions and friendships and then jumped in to get to know these wonderful woman. Odd as it seems I don’t have any guy nights except with my boys. I don’t care for the boys night out when I can be at home with my loving family. Now where have I landed?

    Comment by Michael | December 4, 2007

  16. I really love the conversations that come up here at Cafe Crem. I know it seems like I’m not here, since I haven’t been commenting much. Just think of me as the quiet one at the table, listening and smiling 🙂

    Comment by shelleymhouse | December 4, 2007

  17. Shelley, I can tell with this comment you really “get” what our cafe is about- I feel we are all around the table, sometimes chipping in with stuff, sometimes sitting back and enjoying the discourse, a group of friends.

    Comment by kevmoore | December 4, 2007

  18. Wonderful to hear that, Shelley! In fact I miss it when you are not around, or at least not visible here… it is really like a cafe here, when somebody leaves a comment, it is as if he/she had just entered the room, I simply love it! And when he?she was not around for a while, one starts wondering, and even worrying, like in normal life… Kevin and me, we both feel very close to each of us, and this is great!

    Comment by Miki | December 4, 2007

  19. Michael, I have tried and tried, but I must give up now, I just don’t understand the sentence:
    “To bad the innocence of a newborn raver is doomed at birth as a metaphor for the cesspool of life and an omen of evil in the minds of men.”
    Can you explain it to me… if you understand it yourself? 🙂

    Comment by Miki | December 4, 2007

  20. Love it! Harley Davidson, Bardot in a sexy santa get up.. what more could he have wanted.. ? Oh! Nice personalised mug of coffee too.

    Comment by supersizeme | December 4, 2007

  21. To bad the innocence of a newborn “raver” is doomed at birth as a metaphor for the cesspool of life and an omen of evil in the minds of men.
    First I meant raven as in the bird.
    The raven metaphor is simply the idea of superiority in humanity. We are born with it. There are those who think they are superior to others and are in positions of power to influence. They make judgments that affect another’s entire life like the writer who gets rejected by a 22 year old publishing house slush pile reader who sends you the rejection slip. Get over it, people say and move on to another publishing house. Some can. Some never recover.
    In the larger picture I have no idea where that first comment came from but it came and I wrote it. LOL

    Comment by Michael | December 4, 2007

  22. Kev I liked your comment along with Shelly and Miki. Heck in a real live coffee house this is discussion at its finest. And in the heat of discussion only one voice is speaking above others at any given moment. Others are listening. Others not. But the dynamics are there for compelling ebb and flow of the espresso sea.

    Comment by Michael | December 4, 2007

  23. Miki come to think of it I don’t understand most of what I write. hahaha so true!!!!

    Comment by Michael | December 4, 2007

  24. I understand you, Michael, I mean I understand that you don´t understand yourself sometimes… It happent the same to me, at a time when I was writing a lot, I was sometimes in a kind of trance, and I had no idea where the words were coming from, they just went through my fingers, and the next day I had no idea what they meant!
    As I read the sentence I asked you about, I had the feeling it was such kind of stuff one writes when one is in trance… it sounds like from another world, powerful and wonderful!

    Comment by Miki | December 4, 2007

  25. now Miki I understand that!!!!
    Merry Christmas and thank you for connecting the dots for me and all of us with clarity.

    Comment by Michael | December 4, 2007

  26. Great to see you here, Supe (this is how Kev Moore calls you…)! Already unpacked your virtual brushes to try and get the big freebie?

    Comment by Miki | December 4, 2007

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