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Islamic Latte

Muslim cup

Never let it be said that Cafe Crem doesn’t play it’s part on the world political stage…today, moved by the insane events in the Islamic stronghold of The Sudan, namely, the incarceration of British teacher Gillian Gibbons for allowing the children in her class to name a teddy bear Mohammed.

I present here an Islamic latte, a powerful brew of bigoted seventh century hogwash, served in a cup that may or may not be a likeness of some random Muslim bloke. I’m told that, if peaceful muslims fully appreciate the taste, it may actually cause them to wake up and smell the coffee, and thereby publicly denounce these fanatics who are poisoning their religion.

Check out my verse at Muse on the Rock where, coupled with a joint art piece by Miki and I, I vent my spleen about this crazy situation

Kev Moore


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  1. try these guys views on the subject of the teddy bear

    Comment by Danny | November 30, 2007

  2. Together as a team you and Miki are remarkable!!!
    I post here what I posted on Muse on the Rock,

    It takes great courage Kev to initiate this conversation and as I get to know you more a little each time I read your posts I have no doubt at this time you are a man of principle and walk the talk.
    Let he who casts the first rebuttal to your post think before they do for one never knows where such a conversation and a man such as you will take it.
    I am too a man of principle and walk the talk. I have no fear when it comes to defending principle based on noble humanitarian causes.
    Well done mate!!!

    Comment by Michael | December 1, 2007

  3. I totally agree with you, Michael, it takes great courage. Kevin doesn´t see it like this, he says:
    “Where is the courage? I just have to do it!”
    But I think the real courage is the one you show when your opinions are stronger than your fears, and you don´t make even an effort to express them , because you have to do it, as an inner “MUST”.
    I for sure wouldn´t be so brave…

    Comment by Miki | December 1, 2007

  4. Michael, and Miki, thank you for the humbling words. There are sometimes situations where I feel the injustice is so profound that I have to say something, to verbalise my anger and frustration. Hopefully, its not to clumsy, and occassionally thought-provoking. Already, it has caused me to have dialogue with young muslims who look upon this outrage with the same disbelief and condemnation as I do, and that can only be a good thing.

    Comment by kevmoore | December 1, 2007

  5. The courageous never think the are, that’s the measure of a man.

    Comment by Yolanda | December 1, 2007

  6. Well-said, Yolanda.
    And Kevin: you heard it, you are A BIG MAN!

    Comment by Miki | December 2, 2007

  7. Oh guys.. I just want to make something clear… it is not fair whatsoever to clasify all muslims as fanatics or intolerant.. The fact that the smell from the coffe is “intolerance” and “fanatism” makes seem all muslims as if they were so… but they are not. There might be some who understand islamic principles in the wrong way and have deviated the real meaning of Islam, those people call themselves muslims but they should certainly not, ’cause they go against life, against love, against human beings- they understand the Holy Qur’an in the wrong way and they want to make us believe that’s the real Islam. Islam in arabic means “PeAcE”. The real muslim won’t do harm to none. Because of the intolerance of those who are not muslims and all those fatal wars against the arab world that made most of the arabs fight for what they deserve, which is indeed their right, most people think that they are “fanatics” or “agressive” but in fact they aren’t… they are just fighting for their lives… which is a thing that we would all do if they come to our countries and kill our families with no right whatsoever. (here I don’t include all those crazy guys who go and explote themselves, killing inocent lives, they should not be called muslims)

    As regards to the teacher that was incinerated, though I haven’t read much, I believe that they exceeded the limit, but the teacher was certainly guilty in a way because she made a huge mistake, disrespecting Islam. Talk to any muslim, and they will say that if you name anything, and in this case, a Teddy Bear with the name of the Phrofet Mohammed, it’s a tremendous lack of respect.

    I just wanted to express my point of view in this matter, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I’m sorry if I did.

    Comment by Mary | December 2, 2007

  8. Mary…oh, Mary, where do I begin? Let us go through some facts; Firstly, I have been in conversation on my blogs with some young muslims who believe the treatment of the teacher is shocking. Secondly, regarding your statement: “they are just fighting for their lives… which is a thing that we would all do if they come to our countries and kill our families with no right whatsoever. ” Well, they certainly came to the UK, Spain and America and did some harm, didnt they? – and some of them were called Mohammed-what an offence to their prophet! To become murderers! Thirdly, The teacher did not name the bear. The children did. Because its a popular Muslim name. The children are Islamic. Should they be flogged?
    Mary, your last statement, that you dont want to hurt anyone’s feelings, hints at the heart of the problem. As long as the West are obsessed with pandering to the whims of these people, they will continue to commit the most outrageous acts. The good, peace-loving, caring Muslims, whom I frelly admit are in the vast majority, have to drag their religion out of the 7th century and denounce these extremists. Would you think it normal to have the Spanish inquistion operating on behalf of the Catholic church today? Because this is the equivalent. But Mary, I respect your view, and your right to say it, its a pity a lot of Muslims dont do the same.

    Comment by kevmoore | December 2, 2007

  9. Kev, thanks for the information you’ve given me.
    As regards to this matter, if the teacher didn’t name the toy then she has no fault. And those who punished her certainly exeeced their limit committing a terrible sin, and they should be punished.
    When I said: “they are just fighting for their lives… which is a thing that we would all do if they come to our countries and kill our families with no right whatsoever” I ment all those in their respective countries that fight for their rights not the ones that go to other countries and put bombs in their bodies and then go to the subway to explode themselves.. they should not be called muslims ’cause they are the ones who deviate the meaning of Islam, they are an ofense to the Profet Mohammed, they should be ashamed of themselves.
    Answering what you said “Well, they certainly came to the UK, Spain and America and did some harm, didnt they?” Yes, they came cause the goverments from these countries first went to their country to dominate them. It’s all about power. Man is not satisfied with what he has got and he wants more and more and more and that’s why he goes to other countries to take what’s left in them, to dominate their people, to make that country part of the conqueror one. In this fight both sides kill inocent people, that’s how war works, right? Intolerance. That’s the word. We should try to stop this fight, at all levels. Racism and discrimination only generates hate.
    I believe that all muslims should do what you say. Denounce these horrible people that are only doing harm to others and to Islam. They should denouce extremists.
    I’m totaly against those who call themselves muslims and go and explode bombs in other countries… don’t they see that they are harming Islam as well? Muslims should all go out to stop this. But the west should also stop killing inocents. Lot’s of inocent people are dying ’cause of their so call “war against the terrorism”. Lies.
    We should open our eyes to the truth.

    And, thanks Kev for respecting my point of view and thanks for what you just said.

    Comment by Mary | December 2, 2007

  10. No-one can argue with your call to halt the killing of innocents, Mary. Violence perpetrated on innocents is often done supposedly in someones name. My government deployed troops in Iraq, but I wont accept that they killed in my name, and I’m sure the majority of Muslims don’t accept those planes were flown into the WTC in Allah’s name either. As I paraphrased in my other blog, All it takes for evil to flourish is for Good Men to do nothing. Lets hope we have a peaceful Christmas the world over, Mary.

    Comment by kevmoore | December 2, 2007

  11. As Winston Churchill said to paraphrase him, Never have so few done so much for so little.

    Comment by Michael | December 2, 2007

  12. Yes Kev, let’s hope we have a peaceful Christmas and a peaceful beginning of the new year all over the world.
    Let’s hope for the best. As Mahatma Gandhi once said:

    “When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always.”

    Comment by Mary | December 2, 2007

  13. And finally, common sense like a ray of light, shines through and wins the day – Two British Muslim peers, Lord Nazir Ahmed and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, interceded with the Sudanese government, and the teacher, Gillian Gibbons is being released immediately, following a pardon from the Sudanese President Omar Al-Beshir. Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

    Comment by kevmoore | December 3, 2007

  14. So glad to hear that!!

    Comment by Mary | December 3, 2007

  15. Mary, I just want to tell you that I admire your courage for telling publicly, so clearly and passionately your opinion! I love that and we will have here and then other passionate discussions in Café Crem,.. without it wouldn´t be a real café!

    Comment by Miki | December 3, 2007

  16. Thank you Miki!!!
    I love having coffee and discussing with all my pasion serious matters.
    I also love doing more and talking less… but as regards matters like this one, we can’t do much, can we?

    Thanks miki for what you said!

    Comment by Mary | December 3, 2007

  17. “I also love doing more and talking less”:
    what a great sentence, so simply said, but saying everything though, without talking much!!! I believe you 100%…

    Comment by Miki | December 3, 2007

  18. This kind of latte can be brewed for almost all societies and religions. What gives the American and Europeans a right to forcefully impose their values on rest of the world, should allow the Muslims to preach their values to the Muslim world also. If Americans use violence and indiscriminate use of force to put across their view point why blame Muslims for same thing. How many people have been killed by Muslims and how many by Christian in history of mankind ( in Crusades, Inquisition, and WWI and WWII). How many people were killed in 9-11? about 3000! and how many have been killed in retaliation ? over 3 million! Islamic Society was always tolerant to non Muslims. How many Muslims were killed when Christian conquered Jerusalem ? So much that their blood would cover the hooves of Crusaders´ horses (History of Crusades by Gibbins). And how many Christians were killed when Saladin retook the city ninety years later? hardly any. By the way, would you dare present Jewish or Israeli latte with the same ingredients,i.e. Fanaticism, Dogma and Intolerance. After all they too have fanatics, like the guy who killed 24 worshipers in West Bank back in 1994, they too had people like Mere Kahane who openly preached bigotry and of course nobody can say anything against Israel for fear of being labeled antisemitism. Are there different attributes for Fanaticism, Dogma and Intolerance?
    Self-righteousness is a cardinal crime, double standard is a close second. And you Mr Kev, are guilty of both.

    Comment by Ichhi | August 24, 2008

  19. Ichhi, thanks for your contribution. I note your inference that 3 million have been killed in retaliation for the “mere” 3000 in the WTC atrocity. I dispute your figures. Plus, you’ve conveniently left out, Bali, Madrid and the London Tube bombings. History aside ,Do you really expect people to stand idly by while their citizens are murdered, just because the Iraqis let Hussein do it to his own people? And in answer to your question, would I dare to present Jewish or Israeli intolerance in the same way? Damn right! The guy that killed Rabin was Jewish, for god’s sake! What an idiot! Did the Palestinians job for him! ..and you can quote Saladin, Spider Man or the Silver Surfer for all I care, but the day someone gets arrested for naming a teddy bear Mohammed, then the world is doomed. If I’m self righteous, Mr Icchi, who are you to denounce me? Touched by the hand of Allah?

    Comment by kevmoore | August 25, 2008

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