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Having wrestled with my conscience, I feel compelled to make this post. I feel I have to adopt this stance of “tough love” with Miki, following an innocent enquiry from Bill as to which drugs Miki used to achieve the inspiration for her paintings. Well, it’s time to reveal all. Miki is a caffeine addict, and 12 cups a day simply won’t hit the spot anymore. Following an unsightly “granulated” incident after her disastrous attempt at mainlining, she’s taken to snorting it. You can imagine, my guilt by association is a constant worry, despite the clean-living reputation us rockers enjoy. She’s really on a roll. The other day, she was at for 12 hours straight, she must have consumed half of Brazil, and only desisted when a portion of rainforest got lodged in her left nostril. (I even had Sting on the phone about that one.) I beg you, help me keep her as far away from coffee as possible. Send donations so I can buy her a longer straw…..

Government Warning: Kids, trying to snort coffee is very stupid, but then, so is sniffing glue, so, hey, you know, whatever…

KEV MOORE, Spain (Albir)


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  1. We need an intervention here. Kev great work with the hidden spy cam. I bet she denied this for years.

    I’m thinking the Dr. Phil show to get to the bottom of this raging addiction.

    TIP: if you do want to mainline, grind the coffee first. Those whole beans tend to stick near the elbow joint then you can’t bend your arm to drink coffee or beer. Even ground coffee is too granular for those needles you stole from your diabetic friend. I recommend using a turkey baster (in keeping with the upcomming holidays).

    Comment by wrjones | November 20, 2007

  2. Talking about diabetic friends…our guitarist in a previous band Christie, was one of the first five people in the UK to use the then-revolutionary “click-pen” injection system. They featured him in a newspaper article, about how he reconciled his unregimented on the road lifestyle with the problems of being a diabetic. The article contained the priceless journalistic gem; “Adrian has been known to inject himself in bus stations.” And they say rock and roll is dead.

    Comment by kevmoore | November 20, 2007

  3. Oh my! This is shocking! Here I’ve been trying to drink it. I had it all wrong… 🙂

    Comment by shelleymhouse | November 20, 2007

  4. I know we’re having fun here, but I have been active for five or more years on the subject that the individual counts. Sorry if this is a bummer comment but although I love humor as much as the next person this post only makes me want to post this,

    When You Know You Know
    Michael Pokocky
    Don’t tell me you’re content, when the whole world is experiencing economic, political, social, cultural,
    environmental and spiritual vertigo, when you know that you aren’t; tell me you don’t know what to do,
    and you’re concerned, and I’ll believe you.
    Don’t tell me that we are not capable of changing the world; tell me how we could.
    Don’t tell me you feel secure in a world, where most people define their lives by the work that they do,
    while they’re children wait impatiently for attention, while mommy and daddy finish their work.
    Don’t tell me you actually accept the way things are, when I know that you really don’t, no matter how
    well you hide it.
    Don’t tell me the world is a mess when you know we can fix it.
    Don’t tell me you need to be surrounded by material possessions to feel happy, when what you really
    want is to be loved.
    Don’t tell me you don’t have the energy to take care of yourself; and your family; and your problems;
    when you know you have a choice.
    Don’t tell me you long for the day, when you were a child, because you’re parents had the moral courage
    to be their for you; be there for yourself right now; and for your family; and your friends; and your
    community as well.
    Don’t tell me you live a hurried and busy life and always use the excuse, “I’m too busy,” when you
    know all you’re doing is running away.
    Don’t tell me you buy into the dogmas that your leaders are telling you, when you know your inner
    voice is telling you something else; explore that part of yourself.
    Don’t tell me you hate getting up in the morning; find something you love to do and do it, instead of
    trying to keep up with the life you hate.
    Don’t tell me your excuses when you know it’s what I want to hear; tell me your fears and your worries
    and lets build trust between us, so we can find a better way.
    Don’t tell me your marriage is falling apart; accept it never existed because one of you was never there.
    Don’t tell me about all the problems of the world when I already know them; tell me what you are going
    to do to fix them.
    Don’t tell me you don’t know what you could do, when you know you have an idea or a vision.
    Don’t stand there in self pity, when you know you’re the one responsible for the choices you made.
    Don’t tell me you can’t face life anymore because you’re so sad; I’ll show you people who have a
    damned good reason to be sad, and yet, they somehow embrace life and the love of living.
    Tell me how you wake-up in the middle of the night full of fear and doubt and I’ll be there to comfort
    Tell me you’re afraid and I’ll help you find the courage to deal with it, if you are not up to it.
    Tell me what your needs and desires are, and I’ll tell you you’ll feel better if you know that everyone
    and everything will find you eventually.
    Tell me your angry and I’ll show you how to harness the energy of anger to make your dreams come
    Tell me you are a warrior and I’ll believe you; even if you don’t.
    Tell me you’re a bad parent and I’ll show you how much your children love you and need you anyway.
    Tell me you need to feel loved and I’ll show you that you are already are.
    Tell me that one person can make a difference and I’ll tell the world your message.
    Will you wake up to the knowledge that we, as a collective intelligent people, working together in trust
    and harmony, can make our world a better place to live?
    Will you recognize your individuality and never back down from this belief in yourself no matter what?
    If you can do any one of these things, then I’ll tell you we can change, because change is about choices.

    Comment by Michael Pokocky | November 20, 2007

  5. Sorry Kev. You hit a nerve with me and its not your fault. You did not know. So please delete the post I made because it is toooo serious.
    Kind Regards,

    Comment by Michael Pokocky | November 20, 2007

  6. Michael… we all love humour, but this doesn´t mean that we can´t be serious, does it? In fact I am myself a quite serious person and humour wouldn´t mean for me anything if there were not the counterbalance of seriousness.
    If Kevin´s post hit a nerve with you, than I think it is your right to shout your pain out…
    Concerning deleting your comment, personally I wouldn´t. I won´t comment it, because it sounds to me very personal and I don´t dare to say any word to it. But if you insist, I will delete it.

    Comment by Miki | November 20, 2007

  7. Hi Michael, it’s a trait we English have to poke fun at everything under the sun. It’s how we defeated Hitler, turned him into a figure of ridicule. But I would certainly never intend to offend. Your comment, whilst I’m not entirely sure how it pertains to the post, is powerful and well-written, and I have no desire to delete it, but will abide by your wishes.

    Comment by kevmoore | November 20, 2007

  8. The nerve you hit did not offend. Actually this is part of a much larger manifest I wrote for the development of a web site cause.
    Yes the cause is a global serious one. And I was developing a Think Tank around the whole manifesto. This part was the addendum attached to give it the punch and to wake people up.
    I did post it as a reaction to the post to add to it. I am a funny guy but this piece was serious. So after ward I thought wow! This shouldn’t be here because I don’t know why. Doubt. Inappropriate.
    But it is not my intention to demand anything. If you want it leave it up and if not take it down. Its fine with me.
    And if anyone wants to comment on it please do.
    Warmly a friend of the Cafe Crem,

    Comment by Michael Pokocky | November 21, 2007

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