Café Crem

Art, Music and Words around The Coffee Table

my writers bench@ lac Ste-Adele+

the writers bench

just because Miki asked+

Been sitting here for 23 years in the spring, summer, winter and fall writing in a journal.  Here’s where I talk to the trees and just stare out across the lac…..


November 15, 2007 - Posted by | coffee, life, love, photo, technology, writing


  1. Thankyou, Michael, I really love this photo. Is it written “Un grand café” on the paper cup with the beautiful colours? Somehow I am always pleased when I come across some French words in Café Crem… the roots are undeniable, I guess.
    These Moleskine books are of course fantastic for themselves, but what I didn´t realise is how photogenic they are.
    A question by the way: I came across Moleskine in many blogs from people from USA and Canada. Are they so popular there? I thought they were only popular among European artists, writers and thinkers…

    Comment by Miki | November 15, 2007

  2. Great photo. You can really feel the moment. How interesting to have 23 years of journal to jog the memory on past days.

    If you are talking to the trees you might want to wear a bluetooth phone so you don’t seem strange to passersby.

    Comment by wrjones | November 15, 2007

  3. What a wonderful spot to write! And I’m sure the trees enjoy your company 🙂 This gives me an idea of what drawing to post today, but there’s no coffee involved…so I guess I’ll put it in my own blog. Thank you for sharing this, Michael.

    Comment by shelleymhouse | November 15, 2007

  4. Hey Miki. Thank you for showing me how a painter would look at a photograph. This gives me an idea to visualize my writing in black and white images and then while writing add in from a palate of colors the details. Very inspiring Ahh! moment for me.

    Hey Bill. You made me laugh with the bluetooth phone idea because it really is actually a good cover up. Now my mind is filling up with ideas so thanks for you and Miki generating enough energy to get through to my stubborn frontal cortex gatekeeper. But I saw here where an exciting neurologist has mapped a part of the brain that all of us have but artists use it 8 times more. This could be tied to how we each have a relationship to our coffee cups and how we react to others coffee cups as well and that is why I mention it. Hope that is alright Miki? Let me know or just edit it out and no problem there OK.

    Comment by michael pokocky | November 15, 2007

  5. Hey everyone go and see how Cafe Crem is inspiring Shelley today her blog

    Thanks Shelley for creating that drawing. I was wondering if I should keep going with my business card drawings by a writer idea. Oh it make me feel to keep going and to be patient, right. I really do have an entry about the trees in my journal and I laughed when I did it but for now its appropriate to focus on the coffee cup and bench and the writer who talks to trees. This is what produced your painting today. I think Miki might write you to say post it here but she knows how to keep Cafe Crem on the right path.

    Love to all of you,


    Comment by michael pokocky | November 15, 2007

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