Café Crem

Art, Music and Words around The Coffee Table

the writers props+

writers propswriters props

There’s one thing I’ve come to trust. My journal; My life within my journal has not changed since the beginning 30 years ago.


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  1. Michael, Can’t seem to see the image, has it uploaded okay? Could you re-post?

    Comment by kevmoore | November 14, 2007

  2. This is a nice photo. The other one, with the Moleskine book on the bench and the orange/beige paper cup was beautiful too, and I hope to see it again some day…
    You have really dynamic entries, going through different stages? A very interesting and new form of coffee cup art in Café Crem!

    Comment by Miki | November 14, 2007

  3. This is a wonderful photo! Really draws me in. I’m ready to sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee right there across from you 🙂 …with my own journal, of course.

    Comment by shelleymhouse | November 15, 2007

  4. Hey Miki Renoir once asked Modigliani if he was a wee bit crazy. I am smiling so you know the answer. I did two posts today but will put up the picture for you another time. Good idea?

    Hello again Shelley! Again I would love to be with all of you in person and it would be nice just sitting there with you quiet while you are off somewhere with the wind writing in your journal. A nice scene for a book I’d say.

    Comment by michael pokocky | November 15, 2007

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