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I spend most of my days (and nights) at my painting tables and on the computer, with, of course, always a cup of milk coffee near to me. I am quite a wild person, with too much energy they say, and I move my hands and arms and legs all around like a windmill even when i am just sitting. The result being that I normally spill the coffee and break one of my beloved cups at least once a week . Kevin first had the ingenious idea to put my cup on the shelf above me, which meant that I had to climb on my chair to reach it. And above all I never had an idea if there was some coffee left in the cup, or not.
The next even more ingenious idea came soon. Kevin took one of my cups. and made 3 holes in it, at regular intervals down the side and marked them with the numbers 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3. In this way I would always be able to see how full or empty my cup is…. I still have to climb on my chair, but what a clever Rocker he is, isn´t he?!

MIKI, Spain (Albir)


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  1. Beautiful painting, Miki! How do you do that violet de Parma thing? And the hole in the cup thing is a joke, isn’t it? Because I’m not too bright right now…dind’t drinked my second coffee cup…

    Comment by iondanu | November 5, 2007

  2. well, let’s try some designing. the inner layer of the cup had to be transparent and the outer one was drilled, otherwise you have designed yourself a coffee dosage cup that cannot hold more than the lower marking. which is a good idea for non-lovers of coffee

    i already had my big dark, strong, mug of coffee today!

    Comment by Yolanda | November 5, 2007

  3. I anyway spilled regularly more than 2/3 of my coffee, so I guess Kevin thought I wouldn´t lose anything… or he was not too bright that day…

    Comment by Miki | November 5, 2007

  4. Thankyou, Danu. I don´t know exactly which violet de Parma you mean, as I must confess that I have no idea of colour names (I´m not proud of that…) but if you mean the blue or the pink, it is all pastel chalk put above a background in gouache and the whole is on black paper. It makes the colours look so bright…

    Comment by Miki | November 5, 2007

  5. I know I’m biased, but I just ADORE the little Miki climbing the shelves… I love this style you’ve been doing lately, it has so much humour inside, and something else, indefinable, but I’m drawn to them (no pun intended)
    Regarding the cup, I realised all too late it had something of a design flaw….sos I’m trying to market it as a Tibetan nose flute.

    Comment by kevmoore | November 5, 2007

  6. With the holes I would think the coffee would always spill so that you start from 1/3.

    Comment by wrjones | November 6, 2007

  7. Normally you would be right, Bill, but I fill it upside down…

    Comment by Miki | November 6, 2007

  8. He IS a clever rocker I’m sure, and he needs to keep thinking up ideas. Do you have “tippy cups” in Spain? We had a one year old baby over last Friday for dinner. Her cup filled with apple juice rolled all over our carpet during play time and not a drop got spilled!

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | November 6, 2007

  9. Well Bill, I did keep coming up against that design flaw, but once I’d factored VST (Vertical Surface Tension) into the equation, it was all plain sailing…In fact I’m sailing now, on a sea of spilled coffee ….back to the drawing board.

    Comment by kevmoore | November 6, 2007

  10. had a one year old baby for dinner?? Why dont you eat Turkey like everybody else?

    Comment by kevmoore | November 6, 2007

  11. Susan, I don´t know if we have tippy cups in Spain, but in France we have untipping cups! I´ll present them soon here…

    Comment by Miki | November 7, 2007

  12. Upside down? Let’s see that would give 1/3 + 2/3 +3/3 or 2 cups. You have a great sense of conservsation and you should go for a patent on this coffee doubling technique. Could a stanger buy into to this next success story?

    Comment by wrjones | November 7, 2007

  13. You could do, Bill, but the bottom´s fallen out of the cup… er… I mean market!

    Comment by Miki | November 7, 2007

  14. ohhhhh my idea is everything is better that is read about you a bit…….

    Comment by shaitansingh | November 8, 2007

  15. ohhhh yes, I totally agree with you, shaitansingh!

    Comment by Miki | November 8, 2007

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