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A Cup Story


This cup has traveled to many places, mainly blogs, through wormholes called software glitches and misplaced E-mail addresses. It has finally arrived and who knows for how long it will stay. It all depends on the glitches. It is also unreal, it never existed. This is a design of a coffee cup that I would like to see in any shop and buy! I drink 2 cups of coffee daily, one at early morning and another at mid morning. As a child I drank a cup of coffee with milk at 3 PM after arrival from school- which was just around the corner-(we were allowed the luxury because otherwise a tantrum would ensue). That is customary in the island I come from. Three PM is the time for a coffee break at homes. We would sit on the table with our friends, the children of mom’s best friend, who would have to walk to their homes after the “break”. We would have vanilla or Cinnamon cookies with our coffee (small cups) and talk about the day’s events merrily.

I remember my mom’s friend telling her about her problems with her husband, a good for nothing drunk she had married twice! But that is past history. Her children are now lawyers and several of them hold high positions in biotechnology companies. She now has Alzheimer and is cared for by all her children. My mom is 88 and this coffe memory is about 54 years old and I still can sense the smell of that afternoon Cafe Au Lait. I think I will draw something about children with tiny make believe cups of coffee that hold only three drops of the liquid.


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  1. Welcome, Yolanda! A lovely entry….I wish you hadnt mentioned vanilla and cinammon cookies…..I could REALLY eat some!
    The design for your cup is great…Miki needs one with two handles as she cant seem to hold onto them at the moment…who knows, one day you may get it made into a real one!

    Comment by kevmoore | November 1, 2007

  2. So happy to see your beautiful cup here! I remember how I felt as I saw it the other day in your space… I was looking at it while I had my morning coffee in my cup Mona Piedra…

    Welcome to the CCClub, Yolanda, it is always very exciting for me to see a new member here…

    How do they call milk coffee on your island? Café au lait? Cafe con leche?

    Greetings to your mom… does she know she will be known in the whole cyberspace? My maman knows, and smiled like an angel as I told her…

    Comment by Miki | November 1, 2007

  3. Thanks! Yes, I love the idea of the two handles and when I find one I will be most happy.

    Comment by Yolanda | November 1, 2007

  4. A very attractive cup. It would be nice if you could drink from the lips on the side.

    Comment by wrjones | November 2, 2007

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