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The Story of Cochonette

If you remember well, Cochonette was the real muse of this CCClub. She gave me the idea. She should have been the first lady here, the first cup I wanted to present to you from the very first beginning, But as the day came for her to appear here, I couldn´t find her anymore. I suspected she had disapeared with this strange creature which looks like a neon tree on four legs and sniffing around her all the time, dragging behind him air balloons in the form of hearts. Anyway… she is back, a little bit weak on her bottom, and quite confused, it seems to me.

Coffee Cup Cochonette

So, here she is, my first Lady Cochonette. And she has a story to tell. Not a mountain moving one, but for me a touching and funny one.

In Spring this year Kevin and me went to the French Britanny to take possession of the new motorhome we had bought on the Internet. We had flown from Spain to England, and then from England to France, travelling light, so we had to buy everything we needed to live inside the motorhome, especially, of course, coffee cups!

As we finally had our vehicle, it was late and the shops were about to close. We ran into the nearest supermarket and bought 2 cups, I think the ugliest we have ever had. But we had no choice. On the way back to Spain we spent some time by my parents in the Pyrenees. I was shopping with my mother when I suddenly saw Cochonette and fell in love with her. To give you an idea: Cochonette is made out of a wonderful, expensive material, and is 16 cm high. A hell of a cup! I tried to see how much it was, but the price was not written, only the barcode.

I said to my mother:

“Maman, didn´t you promise me to buy me a beautiful coffee cup, 20 years ago?”

She looked at me shocked. She remembered the promise.

” And I didn´t?”

“No… but you can make it good now….”

Of course she agreed, I always knew how to make her feel guilty… ! (but I felt a little uncomfortable)

“But it is surely very expensive…”

“It doesn´t matter… you had to wait 20 years!”

In fact, she was right, having had 20 years to save up for it! As we went to the checkout a big surprise awaited us. Cochonette only cost… 1,75 €!° I had expected at least 15.

At home Kevin, who never misses an occasion to get a deal, wanted to drive back there and buy some more.

We drove there, bought 3 more -Moutonnet, Girafette and Cochonnet. Kevin counted out 5-25€ in change.

Well… a big surprise greeted us again. 52,50 € was the amount of the bill. Can you imagine why? Kevin wanted to leave them there, but I started crying and … no, he didn´t steal them, against his habit, he really bought these 3 cups for me! But he never forgave me…

And now: can somebody explain me why my cups stories are always connected with my parents?

MIKI, Spain, (Albir)


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  1. Hmmmm. I must admit all this writing about your parents makes me think (if I didn’t know better) you must be about 10 years old? Or…. maybe your coffee cup is your security blanket and so it’s all tied up with the nurturing by your parents?

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | October 28, 2007

  2. You know Susan, there are times in this house when you would think the pair of us were 10 years old, and I wouldnt have it any other way!

    Miki, you have captured Cochonette perfectly, and in her own strange universe! Perhaps we could sell prints of her back to the supermarket to offset the price of the cups? 🙂
    Poor Maman, thinking she’d got away with buying a cup for all those years!!! God I remember buying the stuff for the motorhome, we were in such a hurry and bought these great-looking knives and forks which fell apart after the first meal!

    Comment by kevmoore | October 28, 2007

  3. I can´t help, Susan, I simply love my mother very much and have a wonderful relationship with her and could write books about her…
    And do you know what? Most of the time SHE is the one who looks like 10 years old, but not out of senility!
    The great-looking knives… to be honest, it´s me who insisted to get them, they just looked so cool, bright orange and translucent! I am a slave to colour, and sometimes it´s hart…

    Comment by Miki | October 29, 2007

  4. What a beauty! No wonder you had to have her. This is not an example of “want” but of “need” so price should make no difference.

    Coffee has to taste better coming out of that piece of art.

    Comment by wrjones | October 29, 2007

  5. I like very much the way you blended the colors and then (or before?) tu as dessiné over… It a nic little watercolor, miki…and Cochonette très sympatique!

    The story is also very evoquing (? is that the good word?)… Je suis vraiment friand des vos histoires de VR (I already told you my dream is to have a motorhome and to wander here and there, like a gypsy?)

    Comment by ivdanu | October 29, 2007

  6. I think the word you’re looking for is evocative Danu, hope that helps…glad you’re following our travels!

    Comment by kevmoore | October 29, 2007

  7. Yes, that helps Kevin, I would have done the same mistake (equivocation?) as Danu!
    I often draw and paint over and behind and before and after and most of the time I forget then how I reached some special effect! In this case I really don´t remember, but I do remember having painted it in two phases… so you are right!

    Yes, I know your dream and I can just hope, one day, you´ll be able to realise it. For me as a painter is a wonderful way of travelling. This summer in Scottland, if we had not been in a motorhome, I coulnt have dome any sketches as it was pouring all the time! We have windows all around in the VR, so I always had a 360° view to sketch. And always a wonderful cup of warm milk coffee near to me!
    God I love that gipsy life! Always did…

    By the way: I like very much your new face… fantastic avatar!

    Comment by Miki | October 29, 2007

  8. Thans Kev for the word (evocative, nice word!) and miki, my “new” avatar is a self portrait I made a few years ago when I was studying the zen art… It was a very old monk’s portrait and I kind of superposed my own few essential traits over it… It’s the Van Gogh & I avatar…

    I’m not 100 % sure the gypsy life will fit me (or I fit her) but at least I wish I could try it a summer or two… Still hope “for the miracle to come” (as in Leonard Cohen’s song)…

    Comment by iondanu | October 29, 2007

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