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The Great Coffee Cup Heist

Starbucks cup

Whilst I am painfully aware that ordering a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks costs the equivalent of a modest three-bedroomed bungalow, I must confess a certain love for their exorbitantly priced beverages.The cup I present today relates to an incident in which, quite flagrantly flying in the face of the law and common decency, I found a way to celebrate my love of Starbucks, and simultaneously deprive them of a miniscule amount of profits in the form of goods.

One afternoon, I was browsing a BORDERS bookstore, one of those splendid establishments that boasts not only a plethora of paperbacks and periodicals, but also an “in-house” Starbucks coffee shop. The aroma overwhelms you as you leaf through a weighty tome, and it is almost unheard of to depart the bookstore without a caffeine fix, third world debt notwithstanding. However, on this particular day, I was leafing rather hurriedly, as I was ready to answer natures call. Returning the book to the shelf, I made for the rest rooms. The door swung open as I entered the empty conveniences.

There it was, sat on the side of the sink; the dregs of someone’s favourite latte in the bottom…a Starbucks Classic Coffee Mug! I believe they’ll reluctantly part with one if you give them around Six English pounds. Now, having starved for my art, I could live for about a week on six pounds, so the chances of me parting with it in exchange for such a receptacle, as nice as it is, were slim. I looked quickly around; I was still alone. Abandoning principle, morality, and probably God, I grabbed the cup and washed the dregs away, stuffing the mug into my shoulder bag. My heart raced. Could I leave the building unmolested? Was this really stealing, or could I get off on a technicality? Could I assume the washroom was like Switzerland, steadfastly neutral?

I left the sanctuary of the washroom, and, step by measured step, made my way out of the bookstore to freedom…I had done it!

The mug was mine! Mine I tell you!

Starbucks, Eat my shorts!



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  1. I guess God abandoned you that day, and not the contrary… but don´t worry, he comes always back to you, he loves rock´n roll!

    Funny picture, I like it! And it looks as if you have your jail Sweatshirt on already…
    Kevin told me many times about the Starbucks coffee, I didn´t know it and he promised to treat me with one the next time we were in the UK, running the risk of bankruptcy.
    I got my first Starbucks in Canterbury in August, and I must say, it more than lived up to the promise.. it was simply delicious! They sold mugs there too, and I was tempted to buy one, but finally I renounced, I don´t really find them beautiful…

    Comment by Miki | October 26, 2007

  2. Your story proves one more time that manner and style is sometimes more important than substance… I mean, it’s just a Starbuck cup you swipe (can I say that?) but the way you told the story make it funny and adventurous… I don’t think I ever saw a Starbuck coffee shop – but I thought it was an American not a British thing… maybe they have one in Montreal (which I don visit too often)…

    Comment by iondanu | October 26, 2007

  3. I agree, Danu, with what you say about the importance of style and manner in a story.
    But it is not only that.
    Important is above all -at least for me- the thoughts which the author share with us, directly or indiretly, about life generally, about himself, and even about God sometimes! What interests me really, when I read a story, is the human being behind, the story being only a kind of reflection (in boths senses!) of the author. To discover a human being through his words, his paintings, his music is for me the most exciting adventure!

    Comment by Miki | October 27, 2007

  4. I like the drawing and story, but really now, Starbucks coffee sucks. Try drinking just the coffee not the stuff with strawberries, creme, cookie dough, etc in it. If that tastes good to you, get checked for advanced tastebud cancer.

    That lady talking about how bad coffee was for us was speaking about Starbucks.

    Comment by wrjones | October 28, 2007

  5. The truth is, Bill, that I don´t like “real” coffee at all, it makes me sick! I can never have a coffe in a bar or a restaurant. I just drink milk coffee, much hot water, much milk, very few Nescafe Gold… I guess it is a sin to call it coffee then! But this is how I love it!
    I just hope you won´t forbide me the entry of the Club now…

    Comment by Miki | October 28, 2007

  6. Bill, Shame overwhelms me. I know that by slurping this stuff I contribute to the corporate dollar, not to mention my own death; but I’m a rocker, I’m meant to live dangerously, right?
    Incidentally, once again you’ve awakened my memories, and I shall post an entry shortly that tells of my visit to an Anti-Starbucks in NYC

    Comment by kevmoore | October 28, 2007

  7. Danu, thanks for your kind comment. I think I try and put a great barrier of “wordiness” up so you Artists dont see the drawings I’m leaving in the midst of those more skilled than myself!

    Comment by kevmoore | October 28, 2007

  8. Your drawing is very expressive and it does tell the story! I cannot play the guitar either and I don,t think you despise me for that… “Living dangerously”! wow! I love that…you and Bukowski and Nietzsche! Great!

    Comment by iondanu | October 28, 2007

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