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Autumn Morning

By W.R. Jones


I was looking for something to go with my yearly – well the last two anyway, painting of a pumpkin, when I found this metal coffee cup. It has an appealing look to me with a sense of times past. There are a lot more practical mugs/cups today that hold the heat of the coffee in while not burning your hands. I’ll just use it for the painting and not actually drink out of it.

I remember drinking water out of a cup like this at my grandparent’s house. It was in a rural Iowa town and to get the water you had to pump it up by hand from a well.

Mostly, this painting does not make me think of coffee but of how to get candy for Halloween now that I’m too old to go door to door. I’ve given thought to getting a toddler size dummy and pulling it in a wagon around the neighborhood. Then I could go to the door and ask for candy for my “grandchild”. You know, I think it might work.


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  1. Nice Bill; Your enamelled cup brought back memories of going to Scout Camp. I had all the kit- multiple knife/fork/spoon set , enamelled mug, the works. Spent a week in a soaking wet tent in a soaking wet field in Wales. Character building, apparently. I hated it! Just a minute; I have an idea for Halloween Candy collection – kidnap a miserable boy scout and force him to ask for hershey bars at gunpoint. Its got to be better than sleeping in a soggy field.

    Comment by kevmoore | October 25, 2007

  2. I never cared much for that camping business either. I never could get comfortable. I tried cots, expensive sleeping bags, etc.

    I think people who want to sleep in the damp, cold/hot, mosquito infested outdoors are sissy masochists who want a little discomfort but not real pain.

    I’m for hotels, beds, showers and eating at a table, you know – a straight up sissy.

    Comment by wrjones | October 25, 2007

  3. I like this painting… partly because there is a lot of orange in it… and yes, it has a kind of soft nostalgia, which appeals to me, even if I never was a camper or a scout…
    And at last I know now what a pumpkin is… or at least half a pumpkin!
    And your painting has inspired Kevin to write a Halloween story, visit soon his Muse on the Rock if you want to read it!

    Comment by cafecrem | October 26, 2007

  4. Thanks –

    Did you ever have pumpkin pie? Add some whip cream and it would really go well with your coffee.

    Comment by wrjones | October 26, 2007

  5. Nice, warm colors and interesting composition… I suppose it’s an oil painting?

    The most interesting thing is that I KNOW that kind of cup (I’ll post a photo to prove it, soon…) and I remember not the pumpkin pie (In Romania we did not have Halloween till after 1990… it’s slowly building as a national hollyday…) but the “baked” in the owen pumpkin, so sweet, so beautiful with orange-green-burnt omber colors…

    Comment by iondanu | October 26, 2007

  6. I love the painting and am partial to anything Halloween and all things coffee.

    Comment by kaffemcmahon | October 27, 2007

  7. Thanks – I’m mostly partial to Halloween candy. I sort of started in on it last night – bigtime.

    Comment by wrjones | October 29, 2007

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