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A new idea is born!

The Coffee Cup Club

I just love milk coffee!
Yesterday, as I was drinking my 10th milk coffee of the day from the cup “Cochonette” and dreaming around, I had an idea.
I love coffee cups, I never miss an occasion, wherever I am to fall in love with a coffee cup and to buy it. (luckily you can buy this kind of love!). And people, who know me well, never think twice about which gift they could give me.
And so it came to be that each of my coffee cups is lovely, and has a story.
And I think, everybody in the world has one or many lovely coffee cups with a story.
So I had the idea to create here, in WordPress, a new club, “The Coffee Cup Club”, where everybody can present his or her favourite coffee cup (s).
I have rented this place for our club. As soon as I can, i´ll present you “Cochonette” here.

Of course, as I am a painter, I was first thinking of drawings or paintings of coffee cups, but I think I should open the club to the photographers too, and the writers, and the musicians, and the film-makers, and even to the simply coffee drinkers! I am right now negotiating with myself if I should accept the tea drinkers and their tea cups too… what do you think?

If you want to participate, to make an entry with words, drawings, paintings, photos, whatever based around coffee cups, please leave a comment here or contact me. I´ll give you then the password to enter the club and here we are!


October 15, 2007 - Posted by | coffee, drawing, life, painting, photo


  1. Of course I’ll join! And hopefully I’ll figure out how to post my entry once I’ve done one? Instructions?

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | October 15, 2007

  2. Nice, Susan! I am very happy about it.
    As soon as you have your entry ready, tell me and I´ll add you here as an author. I just need your email for it. You´ll then get a mail from WordPress, and you will then be able to post an entry, as simply as in your own blog.

    Comment by cafecrem | October 15, 2007

  3. This is a lovely idea. I have a coffee cup for the club, as well. Let me know how to proceed…

    Comment by valwebb | October 16, 2007

  4. What a great idea! I just read every story on your Blog and I am amazedat the variety your authors have come up with! I love all the drawings and paintings, too.
    I found my way here from Susan Cornelis’ Blog.

    Are you still letting new people join the club? If you are, what do I do to join???

    Comment by Bonny | November 9, 2007

  5. Hello Bonny!
    Yes, people are still welcome to join the club… I just need you to send me your administrator wordpress email and I´ll add you as an author.

    Comment by Miki | November 9, 2007

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